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  1. Chinese older people : a need for social inclusion in two communities / Wai Kam Yu

    London : Joseph Rowntree Foundation, 2003

  2. Cultural diversity and ethnic media in BC / by Catherine Murray ... et al.

    Burnaby BC : Simon Fraser University Centre for Policy Studies on Culture and Communities, Simon Fraser University, 2007

  3. Ethnic minority employment through partnership: towards a model of good practice / by Graham Shaw

    Copenhagen : Copenhagen Centre Copenhagen Centre, 2002

  4. Germany adjusts to cope with a retiring Turkish population / By Naomi Kresge

    : International Herald Tribune, February 22, 2008

  5. Immigration and Ethnicity in the Auckland region

    Auckland : Auckland Regional Council, 2006

  6. Older migrants in Germany: an overview with special emphasis on the Turkish population / Gerhard Naegele

    Dortmund : Institut für Gerontologie an der Universität Dortmund Institut für Gerontologie an der Universität Dortmund, 2008

  7. Race to the top: the place of ethnic minority groups within the UK workforce

    London : Business in the Community Business in the Community, 2008

  8. South Asians in Canada: unity through diversity / by Kelly Tran, Jennifer Kaddatz and Paul Allard

    Ottawa : Statistics Canada Statistics Canada, 2005

  9. The labour market position of Turkish immigrants in Germany and the Netherlands: reason for migration, naturalisation and language proficiency / Rob Euwals, Jaco Dagevos, Mérove Gijsberts, Hans Roodenburg

    Bonn : Institut zur Zukunft der Arbeit Institut zur Zukunft der Arbeit, 2007

  10. The situation of immigrants and ethnic minorities in Portugal in 2005: annual report for the European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia

    Lisbon : European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia, 2005

  11. Working with and for older immigrants: ICT pilot project for building bridges to the country of origin / Marie Mense

    Bonn : AAMEE, 2008

  1. 1st UK Conference on ‘Domestic Violence in the Gypsy and Traveller Communities:’ 8 May 2009 (05/08/2009)
  2. A Look Back at 2008: Asian Americans in Hollywood (01/03/2009)
  3. Against ethnic separatism: Belgian filmmakers in search of a European moral conscience (11/11/2008)
  4. Award by the Roma Community in Europe to the European Parliament (04/03/2009)
  5. Brussels cautions Slovakia over boarding schools for Roma (03/12/2010)
  6. Chinese Immigrants in the United States (05/01/2010)
  7. Chinese Immigrants in the United States (05/01/2010)
  8. Council Conclusions on Inclusion of the Roma (06/08/2009)
  9. Council of Europe calls deporting refugees back to Kosovo irresponsible (04/15/2010)
  10. EU and Member States must do more to integrate Roma (04/25/2010)
  11. EU reports on discrimination against the Roma and Muslims (06/02/2009)
  12. Ethnic Hyperlocal News Network Launched in Los Angeles (12/22/2008)
  13. Ethnic radio station makes history, Auckland, New Zealand (05/14/2009)
  14. European Commission Internship For Young Roma Graduates 2009-2010 (06/02/2009)
  15. Failing integration not about ethnicity, Turkish group says (01/26/2009)
  16. First Triennial Conference on Latino Education and Immigrant Integration, Atlanta (US) (10/26/2009)
  17. Is local government in Britain ready to become more diverse? (02/18/2009)
  18. Korean Immigrants in the United States (01/05/2009)
  19. Launching of the Dosta! Campaign School Competition: call for applications (01/11/2009)
  20. MPG to research target setting for improving the situation of migrants and ethnic minorities (07/02/2010)
  21. Media training on Roma minority and ethical reporting (11/28/2008)
  22. Millions of European children still denied an education – new global report (07/16/2009)
  23. Minority Births on Track to Outnumber White Births (03/10/2010)
  24. Nearly half of babies in the U.S. are born to minorities (03/10/2010)
  25. New Zealanders: We like Asians even more, survey finds (01/27/2009)
  26. New set of Commission policy documents on Roma inclusion (04/07/2010)
  27. Norway: Room for Roma learning (01/23/2010)
  28. Not at Home in Germany: Almost Half of Turkish Migrants Want to Leave (11/11/2009)
  29. Notable new faces in Commons (05/18/2010)
  30. Pan European coordination of Roma integration methods - Roma inclusion: Call for proposals (07/28/2009)
  31. Recession creating 'sense of victimhood' among white working class (01/22/2010)
  32. Rencontre « Discriminations ethnoraciales et processus d'ethnicisation des rapports sociaux » Mardi 7 juillet à Paris (07/03/2009)
  33. Report on ethnic minority women’s exclusion from power (UK) (06/01/2009)
  34. Report slams 'widespread' use of ethnic profiling in Europe (05/26/2009)
  35. Roma duped into seeking Swedish asylum (03/05/2010)
  36. Roma education policies don't work at local level, experts say (09/29/2009)
  37. Roma groups cautiously welcome new EU social plan (04/15/2010)
  38. Roma people – their fight against poverty and prejudice (04/07/2010)
  39. Samoan Language Week chance to focus on New Zealand’s fourth largest ethnic group (05/14/2009)
  40. Seminar on Roma Migrants, Madrid, January 20, 2010 (01/20/2010)
  41. Sleepwalking to segregation? new report says Britain is becoming more integrated (01/22/2009)
  42. Study presents complex portrait of Chinese Americans (11/24/2008)
  43. The colour of money: Hollywood invests in Canada’s ethnic diversity (08/04/2010)
  44. The picture is grim for Europe's Roma (12/09/2008)
  45. Training on managing conflicts and urban development in multiethnic communities, Budapest, Hungary, May 18-23, 2009 (01/30/2009)
  46. UK Citizenship Survey: Race, Religion and Equalities (12/18/2009)
  47. UN human rights chief voices concerns over Italy’s treatment of Roma and migrants (03/11/2010)
  48. Viewpoints about black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) representation in the UK (02/18/2009)
  49. Why we all need to learn Mandarin (07/13/2010)

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