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  1. (f)in-fit: Ein Finanzwegweiser für Migrantinnen und Migranten Informationen rund um die Privaten Finanzen

    Offenbach : Kreis Offenbach, 2007

  2. Best practices in immigrant lending / Lauren Moser, Esther Park

    Washington, DC : American Banking Association, 2004

  3. Capital Ideas: new ways to bring millions of Americans into the economic mainstream / Neil Carlson

    New York : Ford Foundation Ford Foundation, 2002

  4. Community organisers help 1,200 people into Olympic jobs / Lina Jamoul

    London : Institute for Public Policy Research, 2012

  5. Counting on Success: An initial review of work to support Refugee Finance Professionals

    United Kingdom : Employability Forum, August 2009

  6. Financial Literacy Programs for Migrants: a municipal action plan / Municipal Action on Immigrant Integration

    Washington, DC : National League of Cities, 2010

  7. Financial access for immigrants: lessons from diverse perspectives / Anna Paulson, Audrey Singer, Robin Newberger and Jeremy Smith

    Chicago : Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago;The Brookings Institution, 2006

  8. Financial education for immigrants: a guide for developing a program to integrate recent immigrants into the US financial system / Latino Community Credit Union

    Durham, NC : Latino Community Credit Union Latino Community Credit Union, 2008

  9. Immigration: the New Zealand Experience / R. Winkelman

    Bonn : Institute for the Study of Labor Forschungsinstitut zur Zukunft der Arbeit, 1999

  10. Microcredit in Europe: experiences of savings banks

    Brussels : European Savings Banks Group (ESBG) European Savings Banks Group (ESBG), 2007

  11. Migranten und Finanzdienstleistungen (Migrants and Financial Services)

    Hamburg : Evers & Jung, 2005

  12. Our Roots: Stories from Grandview-Woodland

    Vancouver : Vancouver Dialogues Vancouver Dialogues, 2012

  13. Principles for Responsible Credit

    Hamburg : European Coalition for Responsible Credit, 2009

  14. Promoting entrepreneurship, employment and business competitiveness: the experience of Barcelona / by Debra Mountford

    Paris : Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), 2009

  15. Seeking Sound Advice: Financial Inclusion and Ethnicity / Phil Mawhinney

    London : Runnymede Trust, 2010

  16. She Gives Back: Migrant Women's Philanthropic Practices From The Diaspora / Charito Basa ... [et al.]

    Amsterdam : Mama Cash Foundation, 2006

  17. Survey of Financial Literacy Schemes In The EU 27

    Hamburg : Evers & Jung, 2007

  18. The impact on business of adopting Living Wage policies / by Sarah V. Wayland

    Hamilton,ON : Living Wage Hamilton, 2011

  19. Why Do Assets Matter: Assets, Equality, Ethnicity: Building towards Financial Inclusion / Omar Khan

    London : Runnymede Trust, 2010

  20. f(in)-fit: Fit in Finanzen

    Offenbach : Kreis Offenbach, 2006

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