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  1. Advancing equality: what can foundations do? a selected overview of equal opportunities actions

    Brussels : European Foundation Centre European Foundation Centre, 2007

  2. Foundations and social investment in Europe / Margaret Bolton

    Brussels, Belgium : European Foundation Centre European Foundation Centre, 2006

  3. Immigrant integration in Silicon Valley: legalization, language acquisition and bridging the cultural gap / by Manuel J. Santamar?a, Mauricio Palma

    Mountain View, Calif. : Silicon Valley Community Foundation Silicon Valley Community Foundation, 2008

  4. Investing in change: why investing in advocacy makes sense for foundations

    Hamilton, Bermuda : Atlantic Philanthropies Atlantic Philanthropies, 2008

  5. Philanthropy in a changing society: achieving effectiveness through diversity: full report / by Jessica Chao...[et al.]

    New York : Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, 2008

  6. The first 20 Years of the Freudenberg Foundation 1984 ? 2004 / Christian Petry and Pia Gerber (ed.)

    Weinheim : Freudenberg Stiftung Freudenberg Stiftung, 2004

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