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  1. A city to model: six proposals for protecting public safety and improving relationships between immigrant communities and the City of New Haven

    New Haven, CT : Junta for Progressive Action and Unidad Latina en Acci?n City of New Haven|Junta for Progressive Action|Unidad Latina en Acci?n, 2005

  2. Belonging Project [films and website]

    London : Runnymede; Manifesta, 2008

  3. Belonging: Message to Policy Makers

    London : Runnymede; Manifesta, 2008

  4. Belonging: The Project

    Manifesta : Runnymede Trust, 2008

  5. Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Programme for the professional integration of immigrant doctors

    Lisbon : Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation,

  6. Criteria for acceptable documents for municipal identification card

    New Haven, CT : City of New Haven City of New Haven, 2007

  7. Denmark to Immigrants -- Let's Ride / by Josh ward

    : Der Spiegel, 2007

  8. Handbook on How to Implement a One-Stop-Shop / Catarina Reis Oliveira, Maria Abranchesand Claire Healy

    Lisbon : ACIDI, 2009

  9. New Haven's Elm City resident cards: fact sheet

    New Haven, CT : City of New Haven City of New Haven, 2007

  10. One Stop Shop: a new answer for immigrant integration: evaluation of the One Stop Shop project: executive summary / Rinus Penninx

    Lisbon : ACIDI University of Amsterdam. Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies, 2009

  11. TIES: the integration of the European second generation

    Amsterdam : Migration and Ethnic Studies (IMES) Migration and Ethnic Studies (IMES), 2008

  12. The Elm City resident card: New Haven reaches out to immigrants / by Kica Matos

    Boston : Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, 2008

  13. Voice of Aston [video]

    London : BBC Video Nation Voice of Aston, 2006

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