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  1. A city to model: six proposals for protecting public safety and improving relationships between immigrant communities and the City of New Haven

    New Haven, CT : Junta for Progressive Action and Unidad Latina en Acci?n City of New Haven|Junta for Progressive Action|Unidad Latina en Acci?n, 2005

  2. Cities and immigration: local policies for immigrant-friendly cities / Pablo A. Mitnik, Jessica Halpern-Finnerty Matt Vidal

    Madison, WI : Center on Wisconsin Strategy Center on Wisconsin Strategy, 2008

  3. City of Oslo: Intercultural Cities report / Irena Guidikova, Phil Wood and Oliver Freeman

    Paris : Council of Europe, 2010

  4. City of Oslo: Intercultural Profile

    Strasbourg : Council of Europe, 2008

  5. Essays on integration and participation / edited by Peter Harrington

    London : Demos Demos|Netherlands. Embassy (Great Britain), 2008

  6. From refugee to citizen : standing on my own two feet : a research report on integration, Britishness and citizenship / Jill Rutter with Laurence Cooley, Sile Reynolds and Ruth Sheldon

    London : Refugee Support, 2007

  7. Handbook on How to Implement a One-Stop-Shop / Catarina Reis Oliveira, Maria Abranchesand Claire Healy

    Lisbon : ACIDI, 2009

  8. Immigrant Integration at the Local Level: Comparison Between Stuttgart and Selected U.S. Cities / Ay?e Özbabacan

    Washington : Transatlantic Academy, 2009

  9. Immigrant integration at the local level: comparison between Stuttgart and selected US cities. / Ay?e Özbabacan [Ayse Ozbabacan]

    Washington : German Marshall Fund, 2009

  10. Intercultural Cities: a journey through 23 European cities

    Brussels : EUROCITIES; Council of Europe, 2009

  11. Intercultural Cities: governance and policies for diverse communities

    Paris : Council of Europe, 2009

  12. Learning from Each Other: The Integration of Immigrant and Minority Groups in the United States and Europe / Spencer P. Boyer

    Washington, DC : Center for American Progress, 2009

  13. Migrant integration in European cities: second report of the Ethnobarometer Programme / by Maria Jos? Caldeira...[et al]

    Rome : Ethnobarometer Ethnobarometer, 2003

  14. OXLO, Oslo Extra Large - en by for alle

    Oslo : Oslo Kommune, 2009

  15. One Stop Shop: a new answer for immigrant integration: evaluation of the One Stop Shop project: executive summary / Rinus Penninx

    Lisbon : ACIDI University of Amsterdam. Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies, 2009

  16. Oslo Extra Large: Toward a broader city, free from racism and prejudice

    Oslo : Oslo Kommune, 2005

  17. Oslo: City organisations and projects active in intercultural development

    Paris : Council of Europe; European Commission, 2009

  18. Reception and integration of newly arrived immigrants: synthesis report, France / Pierre Guibentif

    Luxembourg : European Union European Union, 2004

  19. Sport, immigration and multiculturality: a conceptual analysis / Chris Kennett

    Barcelona : Centre d?Estudis Ol?mpics Centre d?Estudis Ol?mpics, 2007

  20. Successful integration is no coincidence: strategies for a local community policy / Alexander Thamm and Claudia Walther

    Gutersloh, Germany : Bertelsmann Stiftung Bertelsmann Stiftung,|German Federal Ministry of the Interior, 2005

  21. The key concepts of inclusion, integration and diversity underlying the Udiex-Alep project / by Peter Ramsden

    Saint Denis La Plaine : URBACT Secretariat, 2006

  22. The national integration plan: a contribution of Germany towards shaping a European integration policy / Maria B?hmer

    Strasbourg : Council of Europe, 2007

  23. The reception and integration of new migrant communities

    London : Institute for Public Policy Research Commission for Racial Equality|Institute for Public Policy Research, 2007

  24. The role of municipal leaders in helping immigrants become an integral part of Colorado?s communities

    Denver, CO : Colorado Trust; Colorado Municipal League Colorado Trust|Colorado Municipal League, 2006

  25. Welcoming Canadians: planning community citizenship ceremonies

    Toronto : Institute for Canadian Citizenship, 2008

  26. Working on integration at the local level: toolkit / ENAR

    Brussels : European Network Against Racism, 2011

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