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  1. Building caring communities: the contributions of immigrant volunteers: a qualitative study into the experiences of immigrant volunteers at mainstream agencies / Stacy Ashton, Nancy Baker and Ali Parandeh

    Coquitlam BC : Community Volunteer Connections, 2006

  2. Immigrants and voting: 2008 Election profile: New York

    Washington : Migration Policy Institute, 2008

  3. Longitudinal survey of immigrants to Canada : process, progress, prospects / by Tina Chui

    Ottawa : Statistics Canada, 2003

  4. Migrants, minorities and education : documenting discrimination and integration in 15 member states of the European Union / Mikael Luciak

    Luxembourg : European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC), 2004

  5. Older migrants and access to health and long-term care : a socially, culturally and institutionally invisible group that deserves attention / by Isabel Borges, Judy Triantafillou and Angela Cluzel

    Brussels : European Older People's Platform, 2008

  6. Recent migration trends: citizens of EU-27 member states become ever more mobile while EU remains attractive to non-EU citizens / Ann Herm

    Luxembourg : Eurostat, 2008

  7. The housing pathways of new immigrants: arrival experiences and settlement stories of new immigrants in Sheffield / David Robinson, Kesia Reeve and Rionach Casey

    London : Joseph Rowntree Foundation, 2007

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