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  1. Adjusting the Balance: Fixing Canada’s Economic Immigration Policies / Naomi Alboim

    Toronto : Maytree Foundation, 2009

  2. An evidence base on migration and integration in London / Dr Ben Gidley and Dr Hiranthi Jayaweera

    Oxford : COMPAS; ESRC Centre on Migration, Policy and Society, University of Oxford, 2010

  3. Fast, Fair and Final: Reforming Canada’s Refugee System / Peter Showler and Maytree

    Toronto : Maytree Foundation, 2009

  4. Halifax Regional Municipality immigration action plan

    Halifax (Canada) : Halifax Regional Municipality’s, 2005

  5. Immigration and integration policymaking in Spain / Mar?a Bruquetas-Callejo, Blanca Garc?s-Mascare?as, Ricard Mor?n-Alegret, Rinus Penninx and Eduardo Ruiz-Vieytez

    Amsterdam : IMISCOE IMISCOE, 2008

  6. Migration in the new millennium: recommendations of the Transatlantic Learning Community / Annette Heuser

    G?tersloh, Germany : Bertelsmann Foundation Bertelsmann Foundation|German Marshall Fund of the United States|Centrum f?r angewandte Politikforschung (CAP), 2000

  7. Towards a progressive immigration policy / Don Flynn and Zoe Williams (ed.)

    London : Compass Barrow Cadbury Trust|Compass|Migrants Rights Netork, 2007

  8. Towards a progressive immigration policy / edited by Don Flynn and Zoe Williams

    London : Compass Barrow Cadbury Trust|Compass|Migrants Rights Network, 2008

  1. English test for migration revamp to favour doctors, nurses and teachers (02/09/2010)
  2. Adjusting the Balance: Fixing Canada’s Economic Immigration Policies (07/22/2009)
  3. Adjusting the Balance: Fixing Canada’s Economic Immigration Policies: open webinar, July 22, 2009 (07/22/2009)
  4. Australia shifts immigration seeking higher skills (02/08/2010)
  5. Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Bill (UK): Government's new bill shakes up the route to citizenship (01/15/2009)
  6. Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Bill (UK): Migrants Rights Network briefing paper (03/06/2009)
  7. Canada announces immigration levels for 2009 (11/28/2008)
  8. Canada immigration target likely to be reached (02/16/2009)
  9. Canada's immigration fall from grace (05/12/2009)
  10. Canada-Ontario Immigration Agreement (COIA): Crafting the vision for the sector: OCASI Discussion Paper (07/10/2009)
  11. Conclusions of Justice and Home Affairs Council of 26-27 February 2009 (02/26/2009)
  12. Connecting the Dots: A Fresh Look at Managing International Migration (02/08/2010)
  13. Council on Immigration Policy – Jostmeier gives German interior minister Schäuble the recommendations of Europe's regions and cities (11/27/2008)
  14. Council on Immigration Policy: Recommendations of Europe's regions and cities (11/27/2008)
  15. Denmark's centre-right drops plans to ban the burka (09/21/2009)
  16. ECRE Information Note on the EU Returns Directive (01/07/2009)
  17. ECRE interviews Andreas Kamm, ECRE Chair and Secretary General of the Danish Refugee Council (03/05/2010)
  18. EU called on to respect migrants’ rights (12/07/2009)
  19. European Elections 2009: Time for a welcoming Europe: ECRE manifesto (03/18/2009)
  20. Federal, provincial and territorial governments agree to improve Canada’s immigration system (06/15/2010)
  21. Government publishes draft immigration simplification bill and consultation on asylum support (11/16/2009)
  22. Govt tightens skilled migration rules (02/08/2010)
  23. Haiti Tragedy Raises Important Immigration Issues for the United States (02/16/2010)
  24. Human rights group slams Italy's policy on migrants (09/21/2009)
  25. Identity cards for foreign nationals to extend to further immigration categories (02/13/2009)
  26. Immigrants and the Economy Contribution of Immigrant Workers to the Country’s 25 Largest Metropolitan Areas (12/01/2009)
  27. Immigration must be a bigger part of the reform agenda (08/02/2010)
  28. Immigration: EP adopts Busuttil Report charting Common Immigration Policy (04/24/2009)
  29. Immigration: taking a long view (05/10/2010)
  30. Impending Deadlines on a Number of Immigration Decisions Await Obama (01/15/2009)
  31. International Metropolis: Registration now open for 14th International Migration Conference, Copenhagen, September 14-18, 2009 (02/23/2009)
  32. Malmstrom pledges 'humane' asylum policies (01/19/2010)
  33. Migration and Diversity: A Rights-Based Approach to Migration (ENAR) (01/06/2010)
  34. Models for Immigration Management Schemes (12/31/2008)
  35. Negotiating Migration in the Euro-Mediterranean: the potential for EC Mobility Partnerships (11/20/2009)
  36. New UK points-based immigration system needs changes (08/19/2009)
  37. New rules help draw foreign students (02/08/2010)
  38. Obama Administration Signals It May Review a Number of Bush Immigration Policies (02/18/2009)
  39. Obama to Push Immigration Bill as One Priority (04/08/2009)
  40. Presentation of "Immigration at the crossroads": Immigration in Spain Yearbook, 2008 edition (03/04/2009)
  41. Quebec Immigration Update: Changes to selection grid to improve immigration and settlement process (07/29/2009)
  42. Regions and local authorities ask for more powers and funding to fight human trafficking and to effectively integrate legal migrants (11/26/2008)
  43. Saskatchewan’s new immigration strategy strengthens communities and the economy (08/09/2009)
  44. Schwarz-Rot-Gold-Karte soll Deutschland für ausländische Fachkräfte attraktiver machen (05/24/2013)
  45. Shutting migration's back door (02/09/2010)
  46. Sweden to push for more transparent EU migration rules (06/22/2009)
  47. Sweden's EU immigration plans facing headwinds (06/11/2009)
  48. The 2nd European Integration Forum (11/13/2009)
  49. The Devastating Effects of Broken Immigration Policy on Children in Immigrant Families (11/20/2009)
  50. The best and brightest to be given priority (02/09/2010)
  51. Tories caught up in new immigration storm (02/28/2010)
  52. Tough new 'Earned Citizenship' regime looms as UK Immigration Bill released (02/19/2009)
  53. Tragedy triggers plans for new EU immigration policy (08/24/2009)
  54. UK Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Act, July 21, 2009 (07/27/2009)
  55. UK MPs 'back' new immigration system (07/31/2009)
  56. UN to monitor Swedish migration board (08/20/2009)
  57. US Federal Task Force Makes Recommendations to Strengthen Immigrant Integration (12/18/2008)
  58. Undocumented Immigrants and Rights in the EU: Addressing the Gap between Social Sciences Research and Policy-making (12/04/2009)
  59. We need a radical immigration policy (04/21/2010)
  60. Web Chat: Rethinking Immigration Policy in the United States (07/07/2010)
  61. What future for immigrant families in Europe? MIPEX Briefing launch (11/20/2008)
  62. White House Announces Plans For Immigration Reform (04/09/2009)
  63. White House Plan on Immigration Includes Legal Status (11/13/2009)
  64. Why our refugee system stays broken [Canada] (08/26/2009)
  65. “They” Are “Us”: The Devastating Effects of Broken Immigration Policy on Children in Immigrant Families (11/20/2009)

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