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  1. A fairer London: the living wage in London

    London : Greater London Authority Greater London Authority, 2007

  2. A world of opportunity: immigrant entrepreneurs / Jonathan Bowles and Tara Colton

    New York, NY : Center for an Urban Future, 2007

  3. An exploration of local strategies for the integration of migrant workers and their families / Siobhan Lynam

    Dublin : Pobal, 2006

  4. Bringing employers into the immigration debate: survey and conference / Sandra Lopes and Yves Poisson

    Ottawa : Public Policy Forum, 2004

  5. Canada?s immigration and integration policies: a multi-national evaluation of labour market integration of skilled immigrants / Oliver Schmidtke; with Mirko Kovacev and Beatrice Marry

    Ottawa : Carleton University Carleton University, 2006

  6. City of Saskatoon Employment Equity Report 2011

    Saskatoon : City of Saskatoon City of Saskatoon, 2011

  7. Ethnic minority employment through partnership: towards a model of good practice / by Graham Shaw

    Copenhagen : Copenhagen Centre Copenhagen Centre, 2002

  8. Fair cities: employer-led efforts that produce results for ethnic minorities / Prepared by Jobs for the Future

    London : National Employment Panel, 2004

  9. From Consideration To Integration an environmental scan of the International Engineering Graduate experience before immigration and once in Canada: Final report from Phase I / Prepared by Darrel J. Danyluk

    Toronto : Canadian Council of Professional Engineers, 2003

  10. From Immigration to Integration: Local Solutions to a Global Challenge / Francesca Froy, Sylvain Giguère, editors

    Paris : OECD, 2008

  11. From immigration to integration: local approaches

    Paris : OECD, 2008

  12. Fufilling the promise: integrating immigrant skills into the Canadian economy / Naomi Alboim

    Ottawa : Caledon Institute of Social Policy Caledon Institute of Social Policy|Maytree Foundation, 2002

  13. Halifax Regional Municipality Council Report: Greater Halifax Partnership – Connector Program

    Halifax : Halifax Regional Municipality website Halifax Regional Municipality, 01/10/2012

  14. Health workforce and international migration: can New Zealand compete? / Pascal Zurn and Jean-Christophe Dumont

    Paris : World Health Organization World Health Organization (WHO), 2008

  15. How immigrants affect California employment and wages / By Giovanni Peri

    Mountain View, Calif. : Public Policy Institute of California Public Policy Institute of California, 2007

  16. Immigrants and the labor market [in] California: fact sheet

    Mountain View, Calif. : Public Policy Institute of California Public Policy Institute of California, 2008

  17. Italy: integrating the Chinese business community / Dany Mitzman

    Bonn : Deutsche Welle, 2006

  18. JPMorgan Chase and Upwardly Global: a case study

    New York : Upwardly Global Upwardly Global,

  19. Making migration work: the role of employers in migrant integration / Elizabeth Collett and Karolina Sitek

    European Policy Centre : European Policy Centre European Policy Centre, 2008

  20. Making the city work: low paid employment in London / Yara Evans ...[et al.]

    London : Queen Mary, University of London Queen Mary, University of London|London Citizens, 2007

  21. Reframing success: immigrant women as ?entrepreneurs? / by Enriketa Dushi and Karen Lior

    Toronto : Toronto Training Board Toronto Training Board, 2006

  22. Skilled migrants integration assessment model (SMIAM): guidelines / Alessandra Cancedda

    Luxembourg : European Commission, 2005

  23. Spinner, Italy: [Chinese entrepreneurs in Italy's textile industry]

    Brussels : Eurofund Eurofund, 2008

  24. Successful Partnership and Cooperation – An example from Halifax, Canada

    Halifax : Greater Halifax Partnership Greater Halifax Partnership, 2012

  25. Supporting private sector by integrating the Chinese entrepreneurs in Italy

    Nairobi, Kenya : UN Habitat UN Habitat, 2006

  26. The economic crisis and the ban on imports: the Chinese in Italy at a crossroads / Antonella Ceccagno

    Bologna : Universit? di Bologna, Dipartimento di Lingue e Letterature Straniere, 2005

  27. The labour market integration of immigrants in Australia / Thomas Liebig

    Paris : OECD, Directorate for Employment, Labour and Social Affairs, 2007

  28. The labour market integration of immigrants in Germany / Thomas Liebig

    Paris : OECD, Directorate for Employment, Labour and Social Affairs, 2007

  29. The labour market position of Turkish immigrants in Germany and the Netherlands: reason for migration, naturalisation and language proficiency / Rob Euwals, Jaco Dagevos, Mérove Gijsberts, Hans Roodenburg

    Bonn : Institut zur Zukunft der Arbeit Institut zur Zukunft der Arbeit, 2007

  30. Travailler au Québec: Le guide pour les immigrants

    Montreal : Immigrant Québec, 2012

  31. Video: Programme de parrainage professionnel

    Montréal : Ville de Montréal Ville de Montréal,

  32. Women into Work

    Copenhagen : Danish Red Cross, 2008

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