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  1. Cities and immigration: local policies for immigrant-friendly cities / Pablo A. Mitnik, Jessica Halpern-Finnerty Matt Vidal

    Madison, WI : Center on Wisconsin Strategy Center on Wisconsin Strategy, 2008

  2. Cycle Policy 2002-2012: City of Copenhagen

    Copenhagen : City of Copenhagen, 2002

  3. Engage in Copenhagen: Citizenship and Inclusion

    Copenhagen : City of Copenhagen, Employment and Integration Administration City of Copenhagen, 2011

  4. Immigrant Integration at the Local Level: Comparison Between Stuttgart and Selected U.S. Cities / Ay?e Özbabacan

    Washington : Transatlantic Academy, 2009

  5. Integration Barometer: monitoring the integration efforts in the city of Copenhagen

    Copenhagen : City of Copenhagen, Office of Integration Policy, 2008

  6. Programme for Engage in Copenhagen 2011-13

    Copenhagen : City of Copenhagen, 2011

  7. The new neighbors : a user's guide to data on immigrants in U.S. communities / Randy Capps, Jeffrey S. Passel, Daniel Perez-Lopez, Michael Fix

    Washington, DC : Urban Institute, 2003

  8. Working on integration at the local level: toolkit / ENAR

    Brussels : European Network Against Racism, 2011

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