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  1. ARDEN STREET REDEVELOPMENT PROJECT: Report of Community Consultations

    Melbourne : North Melbourne Football Club, Australian Multicultural Foundation, 2008

  2. Adjust your view: developing multicultural audiences for the arts / Fotis Kapetopoulos

    Strawberry Hills : Australia Council for the Arts, 2009

  3. Arden Street Redevelopment Project: Report of Community Consultations / Eugene Arocca and Hass Dellal

    Melbourne : Australian Multicultural Foundation; North Melbourne Football Club, 2008

  4. Developing culturally diverse audiences. Case study: Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. / Gillian Rogers

    Strawberry Hills : Australia Council for the Arts; Melbourne Symphony, 2003

  5. Press Release: Congratulations to Australia’s first Sudanese AFL rookie, from North Melbourne Football Club

    Melbourne : Parliamentary Secretary for Immigration and Citizenship, December 2009

  6. The Community Club, North Melbourne's Arden St redevelopment

    Melbourne : Roo Beauty, June 2009

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