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  1. Evaluation of Know Your Neighbours [project] / Nadine Metzger, Annalise Myers & Alex Woodley

    Auckland : Point Research; for Lifewise & Takapuna Methodist Church Community Development Project Reference Group, 2012

  2. Faith-based ethnic residential communities and neighbourliness / Sandeep Kumar Agrawal and Mohammad Qadeer

    Toronto : CERIS, 2008

  3. Immigrants in the city: recommendations for urban integration policy

    Darmstadt : Schader Foundation Schader Stiftung, 2006

  4. Neighbourhood Mothers in Neukölln

    Brussels : EuroCities, 2011

  5. Neighbourhood social infrastructure in Toronto / Enid Slack ... [et al.]

    Toronto : City of Toronto City of Toronto. Social Policy Analysis and Research Unit|Strong Neighbourhoods Taskforce (Toronto), 2005

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