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  1. A Practical Reference to Religious Diversity

    Wellington : New Zealand Police, 2011

  2. A Practical Reference to Religious and Spiritual Diversity For Operational Police

    Melbourne : Australia New Zealand Policing Advisory Agency (ANZPAA) 3rd ed., 2010

  3. A meeting of people, a well-spring of ideas: Auckland case study report

    London : Intercultural City Intercultural City (project)|Comedia (Firm), 2006

  4. Auckland City settlement strategy

    Auckland : Auckland Council,

  5. Auckland Regional Settlement Strategy PHASE 1 Opportunities For Improving Settlement Outcomes


  6. Best Practice Guidelines: Engaging with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Communities in Times of Disaster: Final report / Prepared by Sarah Wylie

    Christchurch, NZ : Christchurch City Council, 2012

  7. Brain gain: migrant workers in New Zealand / Human Rights Commission

    Auckland, NZ : Human Rights Commission Human Rights Commission, 2008

  8. Evaluation of Know Your Neighbours [project] / Nadine Metzger, Annalise Myers & Alex Woodley

    Auckland : Point Research; for Lifewise & Takapuna Methodist Church Community Development Project Reference Group, 2012

  9. Getting there on foot, by cycle: a strategy to advance walking and cycling in New Zealand transport

    Auckland : New Zealand Dept. of Transport, 2005

  10. Health workforce and international migration: can New Zealand compete? / Pascal Zurn and Jean-Christophe Dumont

    Paris : World Health Organization World Health Organization (WHO), 2008

  11. Immigrants bring new take on life, and death / by Julie Middleton

    : In New Zealand Herald, 19-Oct-05

  12. Immigration: the New Zealand Experience / R. Winkelman

    Bonn : Institute for the Study of Labor Forschungsinstitut zur Zukunft der Arbeit, 1999

  13. Migrant news: the voice of new Kiwis (website)

    Northshore City, NZ : Migrant News, 2004

  14. New Zealanders' perceptions of Asia: report / by Colmar Brunton

    Wellington : Asia New Zealand Foundation, 2009

  15. New to Christchurch? Useful Tips for Migrants

    Christchurch : Christchurch City Council, 8346

  16. Refugees As Survivors New Zealand, Newsletter

    Auckland : Refugees As Survivors New Zealand, February 2007

  17. Respecting culture near the end of life / Rod MacLeod

    : In European Journal of Palliative Care, 15 (2), 2008

  18. The Quality of Life in 12 of New Zealand's Cities

    New Zealand : Quality of Life, 2008

  19. The economic impact of immigration on housing in New Zealand 1991?2016 / Kel Sanderson, Dr Ganesh Nana, David Norman and Jiani Wu

    Wellington, NZ : Business and Economic Research, 2007

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