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  1. African resettlement in Australia: conference report, University of Melbourne, 11-13 April, 2007

    Melbourne : African Think Tank, 2007

  2. Auckland Regional Settlement Strategy 2009 - 2014

    Auckland : Department of Labour, 2010

  3. Burmese Refugees Find New Home in Indiana / Michael Puente

    Washington, DC : Nation Public Radio (US), 2007

  4. Dual-Language Book Writing Club: A Program Guide

    Toronto : Library Settlement Partnerships Library Settlement Partnerships,

  5. Far from home: the housing of asylum seekers in private rented accommodation / Deborah Garvie

    London : Shelter, 2004

  6. Handbook on How to Implement a One-Stop-Shop / Catarina Reis Oliveira, Maria Abranchesand Claire Healy

    Lisbon : ACIDI, 2009

  7. Hirondelle services d'accueil et d'int?gration des immigrants (site web)

    Montreal : Hirondelle services d'accueil et d'int?gration des immigrants,

  8. How to Organize a Human Library Event Within LSP

    Toronto : Library Settlement Partnerships Library Settlement Partnerships, 2010

  9. Immigrant settlement and social inclusion in Canada / Ratna Omidvar, Ted Richmond

    Toronto : Laidlaw Foundation Laidlaw Foundation|Maytree Foundation, 2003

  10. Immigrants in Canadian cities: Census 2001: what do the data tell us / Elizabeth McIsaac

    Montreal : Institute for Research and Public Policy Institute for Research and Public Policy, 2003

  11. Inventory and analysis of community services for immigrants and refugees in British Columbia / Grant Charles

    2008 : Affiliation of Multicultural Societies and Service Agencies of British Columbia (AMSSA), Vancouver

  12. Key to France: a Job and a Home by the Geographic Mobility

    Paris : Terre d'asile, 2010

  13. LSP Toolkit for Group Programs

    Toronto : Library Settlement Partnerships Library Settlement Partnerships,

  14. Nation building through cities: a new deal for immigrant settlement in Canada / Elizabeth McIsaac

    Ottawa : Caledon Institute of Social Policy Caledon Institute of Social Policy, 2003

  15. New to Christchurch? Useful Tips for Migrants

    Christchurch : Christchurch City Council, 8346

  16. One Stop Shop: a new answer for immigrant integration: evaluation of the One Stop Shop project: executive summary / Rinus Penninx

    Lisbon : ACIDI University of Amsterdam. Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies, 2009

  17. One Stop for Community Services for Refugees

    Fort Wayne, Ind. : City of Fort Wayne, 2008

  18. The Newcomer Integration Toolkit

    Peterborough : Peterborough Partnership Council Peterborough Partnership Council, 2011

  19. The housing pathways of new immigrants: arrival experiences and settlement stories of new immigrants in Sheffield / David Robinson, Kesia Reeve and Rionach Casey

    London : Joseph Rowntree Foundation, 2007

  20. The reception and integration of new migrant communities

    London : Institute for Public Policy Research Commission for Racial Equality|Institute for Public Policy Research, 2007

  21. Unsettled: legal and policy barriers for newcomers to Canada / Sarah V. Wayland,

    Ottawa : Community Foundations of Canada (CFC) Law Commission of Canada (LCC)|Community Foundations of Canada (CFC), 2006

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