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  1. Canada?s immigration and integration policies: a multi-national evaluation of labour market integration of skilled immigrants / Oliver Schmidtke; with Mirko Kovacev and Beatrice Marry

    Ottawa : Carleton University Carleton University, 2006

  2. Five Steps for Immigrant Professionals to Prepare for the Job Search

    New York : Upwardly Global,

  3. Fufilling the promise: integrating immigrant skills into the Canadian economy / Naomi Alboim

    Ottawa : Caledon Institute of Social Policy Caledon Institute of Social Policy|Maytree Foundation, 2002

  4. Italy: integrating the Chinese business community / Dany Mitzman

    Bonn : Deutsche Welle, 2006

  5. Le recrutement international: attirer et conserver les expertises / Beaudoin Bergeron

    Montréal : Association de l’industrie électrique du Québec, 2009

  6. Mentorat professionnel pour immigrants

    Montréal : Numéro spéciale: Partenaires: le bulletin de la main-d'oeuvre immigrante, 2008

  7. Spinner, Italy: [Chinese entrepreneurs in Italy's textile industry]

    Brussels : Eurofund Eurofund, 2008

  8. The economic crisis and the ban on imports: the Chinese in Italy at a crossroads / Antonella Ceccagno

    Bologna : Universit? di Bologna, Dipartimento di Lingue e Letterature Straniere, 2005

  1. English test for migration revamp to favour doctors, nurses and teachers (02/09/2010)
  2. Asian butchers needed in Australia, Canada and New Zealand (02/11/2009)
  3. Canada Immigration Roadmap to help Canadian Employers (06/16/2009)
  4. EU adopts Blue Card scheme for skilled migrants (05/26/2009)
  5. Early successes of the new points system for foreign workers (UK) (01/05/2009)
  6. Education minister calls for more skilled immigrants (07/25/2010)
  7. Immigration cap 'a threat to economic recovery' (06/29/2010)
  8. International migration of health workers (03/22/2010)
  9. Interview with Georges Lemaitre, OECD international migration expert, on recent migration trends in the European Union (03/05/2010)
  10. Leading with Ideas: Employing Skilled Immigrants: 2009 ALLIES Learning Exchange, Vancouver, June 11 -12 (06/11/2009)
  11. Minister encourages companies to pay skilled migrants a welcome bonus (07/30/2010)
  12. Mobility and Inclusion - Highly-skilled Labour Migration in Europe (02/18/2010)
  13. More Immigrants Have Doctorates (04/20/2010)
  14. New UK points-based immigration system needs changes (08/19/2009)
  15. New York's Global Talent Pool: Integrating Highly Qualified Immigrants, New York, Nov. 12, 2009 (11/12/2009)
  16. Quebec adopts special immigration program for international students and foreign workers (06/30/2009)
  17. Review of the General Skilled Migration Points Test: discussion paper (02/16/2010)
  18. Schwarz-Rot-Gold-Karte soll Deutschland für ausländische Fachkräfte attraktiver machen (05/24/2013)
  19. Show me the Money (and Opportunity): Why Skilled Workers Leave Home - and Why They Sometimes Return (04/01/2010)
  20. Skilled migrant incentives urged by Institute for Public Policy Research (UK) (08/05/2009)
  21. Skilled migrant workers get identity cards for foreign nationals (01/06/2010)
  22. Talent, Competitiveness and Migration: new report from The Transatlantic Council on Migration (06/15/2009)
  23. Talent, Competitiveness, and Migration: launch of new report from the Transatlantic Forum on Migration (10/28/2009)
  24. The best and brightest to be given priority (02/09/2010)
  25. US in Focus: College-educated immigrant workers in the United States (11/01/2008)
  26. Why supporting the fundamental rights of migrants will help us get out of economic crisis (12/04/2011)
  27. Work Force Fueled by Highly Skilled Immigrants (04/15/2010)

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