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  • Madrid, Spain

    Living Together in Madrid

    The city of Madrid updates its official plan for  'Living Together'' by building on the experience of its newest residents and neighbours

  • Madrid, Spain

    Living Together in Madrid

    The city of Madrid updates its official plan for  'Living Together'' by building on the experience of its newest residents and neighbours

  1. Better policies, better outcomes: promoting the mainstreaming of social inclusion

    Dublin : Combat Poverty Agency European Commission|Combat Poverty Agency (Ireland), 2006

  2. Boise Kids Bond With Refugees At International Camp Celebration

    Boise, Idaho : Boise Weekly Boise Weekly, 07/25/2012

  3. Building inclusive communities: cross-Canada perspectives and strategies / by Peter Clutterbuck and Marvyn Novick

    Toronto : Laidlaw Foundation Federation of Canadian Municipalities|Laidlaw Foundation, 2003

  4. Chinese older people : a need for social inclusion in two communities / Wai Kam Yu

    London : Joseph Rowntree Foundation, 2003

  5. EAPN proposals for strengthening the OMC

    : European Anti Poverty Network, 2008

  6. Essays on integration and participation / edited by Peter Harrington

    London : Demos Demos|Netherlands. Embassy (Great Britain), 2008

  7. Faith-based ethnic residential communities and neighbourliness / Sandeep Kumar Agrawal and Mohammad Qadeer

    Toronto : CERIS, 2008

  8. How to Organize a Human Library Event Within LSP

    Toronto : Library Settlement Partnerships Library Settlement Partnerships, 2010

  9. Immigrant settlement and social inclusion in Canada / Ratna Omidvar, Ted Richmond

    Toronto : Laidlaw Foundation Laidlaw Foundation|Maytree Foundation, 2003

  10. Immigration and inclusion in South Wales / Terry Threadgold ...[et al.]

    York : Joseph Rowntree Foundation Joseph Rowntree Foundation, 2008

  11. Inside out: rethinking inclusive communities / Tom Bentley, Helen McCarthy and Melissa Mean

    London : Demos Demos|Barrow Cadbury Trust, 2003

  12. Is the Duisburg Merkez Mosque a prime example of successful integration? / Kristina Kamp

    Istanbul : Today's Zaman, 2008

  13. Migrants, minorities and housing: exclusion, discrimination and anti-discrimination in 15 member states of the European Union / Malcolm Harrison, Ian Law and Deborah Phillips

    Vienna : European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC) European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC), 2005

  14. Partnership with the cities: the URBAN Community Initiative / Sonja Haetel and Daniel Monque (edt.)

    Luxembourg : Office for Official Publications of the European Communities European Communities, 2003

  15. Realising integration : migrant workers undertaking essential low-paid work in Dublin City

    Dublin : Migrant Rights Centre Ireland, 2008

  16. Reception and integration of newly arrived immigrants: synthesis report, France / Pierre Guibentif

    Luxembourg : European Union European Union, 2004

  17. Refugee Resource Strategic Community Plan (Idaho)

    Boise, Idaho : Idaho Office for Refugees Idaho Office for Refugees, 2010

  18. Refugee inclusion strategy

    Cardiff : Welsh Assembly Government, Inclusion Unit Welsh Assembly Government, Inclusion Unit, 2008

  19. Strangers Become Friends - Corporate Invitation letter

    Erfurt : University of Erfurt University of Erfurt,

  20. Strangers Become Friends Brochure

    Erfurt : Fremde werden Freunde Fremde werden Freunde, 2012

  21. The Great Equalizer: The Case for Investing in the Toronto Public Library

    Ottawa : Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, 2012

  22. The key concepts of inclusion, integration and diversity underlying the Udiex-Alep project / by Peter Ramsden

    Saint Denis La Plaine : URBACT Secretariat, 2006

  23. Towards a progressive immigration policy / Don Flynn and Zoe Williams (ed.)

    London : Compass Barrow Cadbury Trust|Compass|Migrants Rights Netork, 2007

  24. Vancouver Dialogues: First Nations, Urban Aboriginal and Immigrant Communities

    Vancouver : City of Vancouver City of Vancouver, 2011

  25. Welcoming Cities: Framing the Conversation

    Decatur, Georgia : Welcoming America Welcoming America, 2013

  26. White paper on sport

    Brussels : European Commission European Commission, 2007

  1. A stronger, fairer Australia (01/28/2010)
  2. Against ethnic separatism: Belgian filmmakers in search of a European moral conscience (11/11/2008)
  3. Brussels promotes 'social innovation' to tackle crisis (01/21/2009)
  4. Building Strong Partnerships with the Private Sector for Better Jobs and Inclusion: 5th Annual Meeting of the OECD LEED Forum, Vienna, February 9-10, 2009 (02/09/2009)
  5. Canadian Wongs get their own family crest (08/03/2011)
  6. Cities for Mobility World Congress 2009, Stuttgart, June 14-16 (04/07/2009)
  7. Cities to Contribute to Implementing the Leipzig Charter (01/25/2009)
  8. Council Conclusions on Inclusion of the Roma (06/08/2009)
  9. Cultures on my street (10/06/2008)
  10. EAPN releases Social Inclusion Scoreboard on the National Reform Programmes (2008-10) (01/07/2009)
  11. EAPN releases new publication on Structural Funds (04/17/2009)
  12. Financial Inclusion and Equality Conference, London, October 20 (10/20/2009)
  13. German president welcomes Islam during unity speech (10/03/2010)
  14. Good practices in education to combat anti-Muslim hatred: call for submissions (02/04/2009)
  15. Good teachers can fight poverty and promote inclusion for children (02/18/2009)
  16. How Could Canadian Communities be more welcoming? a priority seminar from Metropolis, Ottawa, January 25, 2010 (01/25/2010)
  17. Internships: A helping hand or a hindrance to social mobility? (01/13/2009)
  18. Michel Platini: Football and local authorities working together will score on social inclusion (04/14/2010)
  19. Migration, Citizenship and Inclusion: Call for papers, Feb. 10, 2009 - CERIS (Ontario Metropolis Centre) (01/16/2009)
  20. Peer Review in Social Protection and Social Inclusion website: revamped (01/05/2009)
  21. Publication: Languages for social cohesion: Language education in a multilingual and multicultural Europe (02/17/2010)
  22. Runnymede Report: Assets, Equality, Ethnicity (03/02/2010)
  23. Social and spatial inclusion of international migrants: urban policies and practices: UNESCO Chair Conference, Venice, March 19-20 (03/19/2009)
  24. Summer school Social Inclusion and Exclusion in a Changing Europe, Bremen 2-11 July 2009 (07/02/2009)
  25. The Cities of Migration project shares Toronto's diversity experience with the world (12/08/2010)
  26. The Urban Divide in Latin America: challenges and strategies for social inclusion - Gainesville, Florida, 28-30 January 2009 (01/28/2009)
  27. Why we all need to learn Mandarin (07/13/2010)

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