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  1. Better policies, better outcomes: promoting the mainstreaming of social inclusion

    Dublin : Combat Poverty Agency European Commission|Combat Poverty Agency (Ireland), 2006

  2. Boise Kids Bond With Refugees At International Camp Celebration

    Boise, Idaho : Boise Weekly Boise Weekly, 07/25/2012

  3. Building inclusive communities: cross-Canada perspectives and strategies / by Peter Clutterbuck and Marvyn Novick

    Toronto : Laidlaw Foundation Federation of Canadian Municipalities|Laidlaw Foundation, 2003

  4. Chinese older people : a need for social inclusion in two communities / Wai Kam Yu

    London : Joseph Rowntree Foundation, 2003

  5. EAPN proposals for strengthening the OMC

    : European Anti Poverty Network, 2008

  6. Essays on integration and participation / edited by Peter Harrington

    London : Demos Demos|Netherlands. Embassy (Great Britain), 2008

  7. Faith-based ethnic residential communities and neighbourliness / Sandeep Kumar Agrawal and Mohammad Qadeer

    Toronto : CERIS, 2008

  8. How to Organize a Human Library Event Within LSP

    Toronto : Library Settlement Partnerships Library Settlement Partnerships, 2010

  9. Immigrant settlement and social inclusion in Canada / Ratna Omidvar, Ted Richmond

    Toronto : Laidlaw Foundation Laidlaw Foundation|Maytree Foundation, 2003

  10. Immigration and inclusion in South Wales / Terry Threadgold ...[et al.]

    York : Joseph Rowntree Foundation Joseph Rowntree Foundation, 2008

  11. Inside out: rethinking inclusive communities / Tom Bentley, Helen McCarthy and Melissa Mean

    London : Demos Demos|Barrow Cadbury Trust, 2003

  12. Is the Duisburg Merkez Mosque a prime example of successful integration? / Kristina Kamp

    Istanbul : Today's Zaman, 2008

  13. Migrants, minorities and housing: exclusion, discrimination and anti-discrimination in 15 member states of the European Union / Malcolm Harrison, Ian Law and Deborah Phillips

    Vienna : European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC) European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC), 2005

  14. Partnership with the cities: the URBAN Community Initiative / Sonja Haetel and Daniel Monque (edt.)

    Luxembourg : Office for Official Publications of the European Communities European Communities, 2003

  15. Realising integration : migrant workers undertaking essential low-paid work in Dublin City

    Dublin : Migrant Rights Centre Ireland, 2008

  16. Reception and integration of newly arrived immigrants: synthesis report, France / Pierre Guibentif

    Luxembourg : European Union European Union, 2004

  17. Refugee Resource Strategic Community Plan (Idaho)

    Boise, Idaho : Idaho Office for Refugees Idaho Office for Refugees, 2010

  18. Refugee inclusion strategy

    Cardiff : Welsh Assembly Government, Inclusion Unit Welsh Assembly Government, Inclusion Unit, 2008

  19. Strangers Become Friends - Corporate Invitation letter

    Erfurt : University of Erfurt University of Erfurt,

  20. Strangers Become Friends Brochure

    Erfurt : Fremde werden Freunde Fremde werden Freunde, 2012

  21. The Great Equalizer: The Case for Investing in the Toronto Public Library

    Ottawa : Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, 2012

  22. The key concepts of inclusion, integration and diversity underlying the Udiex-Alep project / by Peter Ramsden

    Saint Denis La Plaine : URBACT Secretariat, 2006

  23. Towards a progressive immigration policy / Don Flynn and Zoe Williams (ed.)

    London : Compass Barrow Cadbury Trust|Compass|Migrants Rights Netork, 2007

  24. Vancouver Dialogues: First Nations, Urban Aboriginal and Immigrant Communities

    Vancouver : City of Vancouver City of Vancouver, 2011

  25. Welcoming Cities: Framing the Conversation

    Decatur, Georgia : Welcoming America Welcoming America, 2013

  26. White paper on sport

    Brussels : European Commission European Commission, 2007

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