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  1. A city to model: six proposals for protecting public safety and improving relationships between immigrant communities and the City of New Haven

    New Haven, CT : Junta for Progressive Action and Unidad Latina en Acci?n City of New Haven|Junta for Progressive Action|Unidad Latina en Acci?n, 2005

  2. A world of opportunity: immigrant entrepreneurs / Jonathan Bowles and Tara Colton

    New York, NY : Center for an Urban Future, 2007

  3. Arab, Middle Eastern, Muslim and South Asian communities in the San Francisco Bay Area: an introduction to grantmakers / Sarita Ahuja, Pronita Gupta and Daranee Petsod

    Sebastopol, CA : Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees, 2004

  4. Becoming American: becoming New Yorkers: the second generation in a majority minority city / by Philip Kasinitz, John Mollenkopf, Mary C. Waters, Jennifer Holdaway

    Washington : Migration Policy Institute, 2006

  5. Best practices in immigrant lending / Lauren Moser, Esther Park

    Washington, DC : American Banking Association, 2004

  6. Capital Ideas: new ways to bring millions of Americans into the economic mainstream / Neil Carlson

    New York : Ford Foundation Ford Foundation, 2002

  7. Cities and immigration: local policies for immigrant-friendly cities / Pablo A. Mitnik, Jessica Halpern-Finnerty Matt Vidal

    Madison, WI : Center on Wisconsin Strategy Center on Wisconsin Strategy, 2008

  8. Criteria for acceptable documents for municipal identification card

    New Haven, CT : City of New Haven City of New Haven, 2007

  9. Estimates of the size and characteristics of the undocumented population / Jeffrey S. Passel

    Washington, D.C. : Pew Hispanic Center Pew Hispanic Center, 2005

  10. Financial Literacy Programs for Migrants: a municipal action plan / Municipal Action on Immigrant Integration

    Washington, DC : National League of Cities, 2010

  11. Financial access for immigrants: lessons from diverse perspectives / Anna Paulson, Audrey Singer, Robin Newberger and Jeremy Smith

    Chicago : Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago;The Brookings Institution, 2006

  12. Financial education for immigrants: a guide for developing a program to integrate recent immigrants into the US financial system / Latino Community Credit Union

    Durham, NC : Latino Community Credit Union Latino Community Credit Union, 2008

  13. Five Steps for Immigrant Professionals to Prepare for the Job Search

    New York : Upwardly Global,

  14. How immigrants affect California employment and wages / By Giovanni Peri

    Mountain View, Calif. : Public Policy Institute of California Public Policy Institute of California, 2007

  15. Illinois takes lead to promote immigrant integration / Michael Kay

    Sebastopol, CA : Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees, 2006

  16. Immigrant gateways: faces of the next cities / Audrey Singer

    Cleveland, Ohio : Brookings Institute; Metropolitan Policy Program Brookings Institute|Metropolitan Policy Program, 2007

  17. Immigrant integration at the local level: comparison between Stuttgart and selected US cities. / Ay?e Özbabacan [Ayse Ozbabacan]

    Washington : German Marshall Fund, 2009

  18. Immigrant integration in Silicon Valley: legalization, language acquisition and bridging the cultural gap / by Manuel J. Santamar?a, Mauricio Palma

    Mountain View, Calif. : Silicon Valley Community Foundation Silicon Valley Community Foundation, 2008

  19. Immigrant integration toolkit: investing in our communities: strategies for immigrant integration / Editor, Daranee Petsod

    Sebastopol, CA : Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees, 2006

  20. Immigrants and the labor market [in] California: fact sheet

    Mountain View, Calif. : Public Policy Institute of California Public Policy Institute of California, 2008

  21. Immigration and America?s Black population / by Mary Mederios Kent

    Washington, D.C. : Population Bulletin, 62:4 (2007) 79?96 Population Research Bureau,

  22. Immigration and the future of Black power in U.S. cities / Karen M. Kaufmann

    Cambridge, Mass. : Du Bois Review, 4:1 (2007) 79?96,

  23. Immigration: data matters / Jeanne Batalova ...[et al.]

    Washington, DC : Migration Policy Institute; Population Census Bureau Migration Policy Institute|Population Census Bureau, 2008

  24. Learning from Each Other: The Integration of Immigrant and Minority Groups in the United States and Europe / Spencer P. Boyer

    Washington, DC : Center for American Progress, 2009

  25. Migration in the new millennium: recommendations of the Transatlantic Learning Community / Annette Heuser

    G?tersloh, Germany : Bertelsmann Foundation Bertelsmann Foundation|German Marshall Fund of the United States|Centrum f?r angewandte Politikforschung (CAP), 2000

  26. New Haven's Elm City resident cards: fact sheet

    New Haven, CT : City of New Haven City of New Haven, 2007

  27. Philanthropy in a changing society: achieving effectiveness through diversity: full report / by Jessica Chao...[et al.]

    New York : Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, 2008

  28. Role of foreign-born voters in US elections [website]

    Washington : Migration Policy Institute Migration Policy Institute, 2008

  29. Ten ways to protect undocumented migrant workers / by Michele LeVoy and Nele Verbruggen

    Brussels : Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants, 0

  30. The Elm City resident card: New Haven reaches out to immigrants / by Kica Matos

    Boston : Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, 2008

  31. The Role of Migrant Care Workers in Ageing Societies: Report on Research Findings in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada and the United States / Sarah Spencer, Susan Martin, Ivy Lynn Bourgeault, Eamon O’Shea

    Geneva : International Organization for Migration, 2010

  32. The characteristics of unauthorized immigrants in California, Los Angeles County, and the United States / Karina Fortuny, Randy Capps, Jeffrey S. Passel

    Washington, DC : Urban Institute Urban Institute, 2007

  33. The role of municipal leaders in helping immigrants become an integral part of Colorado?s communities

    Denver, CO : Colorado Trust; Colorado Municipal League Colorado Trust|Colorado Municipal League, 2006

  34. Undocumented students: an investment in our country?s future / Michael Kay

    Sebastopol, CA : Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees, 2006

  1. 19,000 U.S. Cities Go Global: The National League of Cities and Cities of Migration Project Collaborate to Share Stories of Successful Urban Integration (02/18/2010)
  2. 2010 E Pluribus Unum Awards (US): call for proposals now open (until December 10) (10/15/2009)
  3. 48 Connecting the Dots Between Immigration and Health Care Reform (01/06/2010)
  4. A Closer Look at Immigration Reform Legislation in the New Year (12/22/2009)
  5. A New Metro Map (05/11/2010)
  6. A Place to Call Home: What Immigrants Say Now About Life in America: new report (09/01/2009)
  7. A Portrait of Unauthorized Immigrants in the United States: new report from Pew Hispanic Center (04/14/2009)
  8. A Rollercoaster Decade for Migration (12/29/2009)
  9. AFL - CIO Labor Alliance Bolsters Movement Towards Economic Recovery and Immigration Reform (04/14/2009)
  10. After Their Arrival (04/05/2010)
  11. An Arab diplomat for the weekend (04/20/2010)
  12. An Arab diplomat for the weekend (04/20/2010)
  13. An Arab diplomat for the weekend (04/20/2010)
  14. Anti-immigrant Bills Fail at the State and Local Level (06/18/2009)
  15. At Rally, Call for Urgency on Immigration Reform (03/21/2010)
  16. Canada recruiting US-trained foreign nationals: "...Canada’s Got (Our) Talent! (08/04/2009)
  17. Chinese Immigrants in the United States (05/01/2010)
  18. Chinese Immigrants in the United States (05/01/2010)
  19. Comprehensive Immigration Reform Would Increase U.S. GDP by $1.5 Trillion Over 10 Years, According to New CAP Report (01/08/2010)
  20. Congressman Luis Gutierrez Introduces Comprehensive Immigration Reform for America’s Security and Prosperity Act of 2009 (12/15/2009)
  21. Creating welcoming communities for immigrant and refugee integration (12/02/2014)
  22. Democrats Outline Plans for Immigration (04/29/2010)
  23. Democrats Reach Out to Hispanics on Immigration Bill (09/16/2010)
  24. E Pluribus Unum Prize: MPI announces winners of new US prize for exceptional immigrant integration initiatives (05/20/2009)
  25. Enough is Enough: State Legislators Fight Arizona Copycat Laws with Progressive Immigration Policies (06/30/2010)
  26. First Triennial Conference on Latino Education and Immigrant Integration, Atlanta (US) (10/26/2009)
  27. Five Myths About the 2010 Census and the U.S. Population (02/14/2010)
  28. For Migrants, New Law Is Just Another Challenge (04/28/2010)
  29. Foreigners have not 'taken' new jobs (04/10/2010)
  30. Going to America: A Ponzi scheme that works (12/17/2009)
  31. Gordon Brown warns against 'scaremongering' over immigration (03/31/2010)
  32. Haiti Tragedy Raises Important Immigration Issues for the United States (02/16/2010)
  33. How Much Longer Can We Wait to Overhaul Our Immigration Laws? (03/19/2010)
  34. ICE Begins Immigration Detention System Overhaul (US) (08/06/2009)
  35. ICE Slip Up Casts Serious Doubt on Immigration Enforcement Strategy (03/29/2010)
  36. IMMIGRATION MATTERS: A March to Rebuild the American Dream (03/19/2010)
  37. Immigrant Homebuyers Play Crucial Role in US Housing Market Revival: new Harvard report (06/26/2009)
  38. Immigrant Investments in American Business on the Rise (01/11/2010)
  39. Immigrant Rights Supporters Urge Obama to End Raids, Restore Rights (01/28/2009)
  40. Immigrant Women (12/14/2009)
  41. Immigrant Women: The Silent Victims of a Broken Immigration System (07/02/2010)
  42. Immigrants & Health Care: new MPI report on Health Reform (10/05/2009)
  43. Immigrants and Obama (02/19/2010)
  44. Immigrants and the Current Economic Crisis: new MPI report (01/14/2009)
  45. Immigrants and the Economy Contribution of Immigrant Workers to the Country’s 25 Largest Metropolitan Areas (12/01/2009)
  46. Immigrants in the United States and the Current Economic Crisis (04/01/2009)
  47. Immigrants' future is California's future (07/02/2010)
  48. Immigrants, Immigration, and the Reform Moment (06/30/2010)
  49. Immigration Activists Battle Harsh Laws Across U.S. (12/22/2008)
  50. Immigration Over Time: US National and State Trends (12/22/2008)
  51. Immigration Reform Movement Steams Ahead at National Campaign Summit (06/05/2009)
  52. Immigration and the Future of American Innovation: Does America Need to Pump Up the Volume? (03/31/2010)
  53. Immigration and the United States: Recession Affects Flows, Prospects for Reform (01/01/2010)
  54. Immigration and the United States: Recession affects flows, Prospects for Reform (01/20/2010)
  55. Impending Deadlines on a Number of Immigration Decisions Await Obama (01/15/2009)
  56. In Shadow of Health Care Vote, Immigrant Advocates Keep Pushing for Change (03/20/2010)
  57. Including Immigrants in US Health Care Reform Makes Economic Sense (07/15/2009)
  58. Increasing Evidence That Recession Has Caused Number of Unauthorized Immigrants in US to Drop (03/15/2010)
  59. Indian Immigrants in the United States (06/01/2010)
  60. Kicking Down Doors, Stomping on Rights: New Report Reveals Disturbing Details of ICE Raids (07/27/2009)
  61. Korean Immigrants in the United States (01/05/2009)
  62. Land of Lonely Tongues (04/28/2010)
  63. Library hopes to ease track to citizenship (01/16/2009)
  64. Localizing International Human Rights in the Face of Immigrant Bashing (01/01/2010)
  65. Loss of major immigration figure in the US: Senator Edward Kennedy's death (09/15/2009)
  66. Marching Forward: Thousands Gather in Washington, D.C. to Demand Immigration Reform (03/22/2010)
  67. Mayors form coalition to support Obama’s immigration action (12/01/2014)
  68. Mexican Immigrants in the United States (02/22/2010)
  69. Mexico: A Crucial Crossroads (02/01/2010)
  70. Minority Births on Track to Outnumber White Births (03/10/2010)
  71. Models for Immigration Management Schemes (12/31/2008)
  72. More Immigrants Have Doctorates (04/20/2010)
  73. Moving to the Land of Milk and Cookies: Obesity among the Children of Immigrants (09/01/2009)
  74. National League of Cities Report: Municipal Innovations in Immigrant Integration 20 Cities, 20 Good Practices (11/01/2010)
  75. Nearly half of babies in the U.S. are born to minorities (03/10/2010)
  76. New Arizona Law Engulfs Immigration Debate (05/17/2010)
  77. New Report Quantifies Benefits of Immigration Reform to U.S. Economy (01/07/2010)
  78. Number of Illegal Immigrants in U.S. Fell, Study Says (09/01/2010)
  79. Obama Administration Signals It May Review a Number of Bush Immigration Policies (02/18/2009)
  80. Obama Administration's Steps Point to Significant Shift in Immigration Enforcement Policy (09/15/2010)
  81. Obama Says Passing Immigration Bill May Be Difficult (04/28/2010)
  82. Obama to Push Immigration Bill as One Priority (04/08/2009)
  83. Older Immigrants in the United States (05/13/2009)
  84. Philadelphia Mayor to host new citizens' swearing-in (02/06/2009)
  85. Phoenix cities: The fall and rise of great industrial cities (03/16/2010)
  86. Platform for dialogue: 'European Integration Forum' and interactive 'European Web Site on Integration': new tools available (04/20/2009)
  87. Pollsters Believe a Majority of Voters Support an Immigration Overhaul (06/05/2009)
  88. Push for Comprehensive Immigration Reform Grows, But Several Obstacles Remain (04/15/2009)
  89. Reform Immigration for America, Campaign Summit, Washington, June 3-5, 2009 (06/03/2009)
  90. Reuniting Families Act Helps Immigrants Who Play By the Rules (06/04/2009)
  91. Same same but different: Integration discourse raises questions in US and Germany (09/08/2010)
  92. Sports in translation (08/11/2009)
  93. Spotlight on Legal Immigration to the United States (06/04/2009)
  94. Spotlight on Refugees and Asylees in the United States: MPI report (07/13/2009)
  95. Spotlight on US Naturalization Trends (08/05/2009)
  96. State Department Brochure Explains Temporary Immigrant Workers' Legal Rights (07/08/2009)
  97. Study: Half The Kids In The Bay Area Have An Immigrant Parent (01/26/2010)
  98. The BIA Has the Chance to Prevent the Wrongful Deportation of Immigrant Children (12/17/2009)
  99. The Candidate From Xenophobia (04/29/2010)
  100. The Great American Migration Slowdown: Regional and Metropolitan Dimensions (12/09/2009)
  101. The Great American Migration Slowdown: Regional and Metropolitan Dimensions (12/09/2009)
  102. Tides 2009 JBL Awards: Recognizing Immigration Reform: nominations due May 22 (04/22/2009)
  103. Tory plan to cap immigration 'could prevent clubs signing top footballers' (03/28/2010)
  104. Tracking Economic Recession and Recovery in America’s 100 Largest Metropolitan Areas (12/18/2009)
  105. US Big-City Police Chiefs Urge Overhaul of Immigration Policy (07/01/2009)
  106. US Census 2010 Can Count On Controversy (01/04/2010)
  107. US Federal Task Force Makes Recommendations to Strengthen Immigrant Integration (12/18/2008)
  108. US Immigration Reform Now a Matter of “How” (01/08/2010)
  109. US Senate Passes Health Reform Legislation (12/24/2009)
  110. USA: A Rollercoaster Decade for Migration (12/02/2009)
  111. USA: Report on Immigrants and the Economy (12/06/2009)
  112. USCIS Announces Citizenship and Integration Grant Opportunities (03/25/2010)
  113. USCIS and Los Angeles Announce Immigrant Integration Partnership (01/28/2010)
  114. United Farm Workers Boldly Call Restrictionists’ Bluff on Unemployment (07/01/2010)
  115. Walking Tentatively in Protesters’ Shoes (05/07/2010)
  116. Web Chat: Rethinking Immigration Policy in the United States (07/07/2010)
  117. White House Announces Plans For Immigration Reform (04/09/2009)
  118. White House Plan on Immigration Includes Legal Status (11/13/2009)
  119. Why Arizona Drew a Line (04/28/2010)
  120. Why Immigration Reform Matters to Metros (07/06/2010)
  121. Yet Another City Gives Local Immigration Enforcement Proposals a Thumbs Down (09/09/2010)

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