Marketplace of Good Ideas, Seattle, US

October 25, 2011

You’ve heard about the Cities of Migration Marketplace of Good Ideas, but do you know what it really is? Watch our latest video that recounts our October travels to the 4th annual National Immigrant Integration Conference in Seattle. It’s a live showcase of ten of the international practices that we have profiled at Cities of Migration.

Participants had the opportunity to learn from a series of 30-minute sessions where two presenters (US and international) spoke and answered questions about their practices. The workshop format offers the audience up to four pairs of presentations – a true whirlwind trip with US E Pluribus Unum Prize winners and international practices from Toronto, London, Barcelona, Kerpen, and Auckland. The marketplace, co-presented with the J.M. Kaplan Fund, demonstrates the power of local initiatives to make immigrant integration a success.

Read the Good Ideas (or view the entire Marketplace workbook – pdf):

  • London, United Kingdom – Banking on Affordable Credit
    Fair finance means affordable credit for everyone, whatever your gender, race or postcode
  • San Francisco, United States – Welcome Back to a Healthier Community
    Training and support to link culturally diverse health care professionals to employment and healthier communities

To learn more about the E Pluribus Unum Prizes, read the Cities of Migration interview with Margie McHugh, the Co-Director of the Migration Policy Institute’s National Center on Immigrant Integration Policy, which coordinates the prizes.


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