Webinar: Making Integration Count: Local Gateways to Citizenship

May 19, 2010

Learn about new gateway cities like Fort Wayne, Indiana (US), and Oslo, Norway, that are helping transform the immigrant experience of dislocation and exclusion into a celebration of new community where everyone counts -and is counted. integration

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  • Download the Webinar Powerpoint slides (PDF)
  • Watch and listen to the Question and Answer (Q&A) with speakers, Palermo Galindo, Planner-Hispanic and Immigrant Liaison, City of Fort Wayne, Toralv Moe, Senior Adviser, Oslo City Hall, Department of Education and Cultural Affairs, and Jamie Durana Program Associate, National League of Cities.

Featured Good Ideas:

  • In Fort Wayne, the CITYzenship Community Initiative, is a customized program of the US National League of Cities that includes a training curriculum that helps municipal officials establish working relationships with immigrant communities and organizations. This year’s program includes a special focus on US 2010 Census outreach -stand up and be counted! Watch the Video Presentation.
  • From Oslo, learn about the OXLO campaign and its policy-fuelled slogan –Oslo, a city for all– and how the Norwegian capital and new immigrant gateway has transformed “10,000 years of fjords and mountains” into a city where diversity counts, intercultural competence is a core organizational value, and 20% of the city’s elected officials are now from minority backgrounds. Watch the Video Presentation.


Palermo Galindo
Planner-Hispanic and Immigrant Liaison, City of Fort Wayne

As the Planner-Hispanic and Immigrant Liaison, Galindo builds a direct line of communication and bridges gaps between the City’s divisions and departments by serving residents who may not have the language proficiency of or the cultural knowledge to navigate through City government. This position advocates and maintains appropriate relationships with other state, national organizations, local agencies and to private businesses that will implement or improve policies, programs and procedures focusing on specific needs of the Hispanic/Latino and Immigrant communities. The Planner Hispanic and Immigrant Liaison is reaching out to the populations that are hard to count through the Complete Count Committee Co-Chair by working hand in hand with service providers, community organizations, religious and community leaders. Galindo spearheads the Municipal Action of Immigrant Integration (MAII) program from the National League of Cities as a catalyst to help integrate emerging immigrant and established communities. The MAII is based on dual components such as the NEWCITYZEN and CITYZENSHIP.

Toralv Moe
Senior Adviser, Oslo City Hall, Department of Education and Cultural Affairs

Toralv Moe is a Senior advisor on integration and diversity to the vice major of education and cultural affairs, Oslo, Norway. He has 20 years of experience in the field – Municipalities of Oslo and Tromsø, State Agency of Integration and Migration, Master degree in social anthropology, economics and history. He is responsible for coordinating initiatives and measures for integration and diversity, the OXLO-policy (Oslo Extra Large) and the work on Standard for integration nand divetsity. He has experience in benchmarking, both local and international, through the Diversity Mirror, Eurocities / Charter on Inclusive Cities, and Intercultural Cities / Intercultural City Index

Jamie Durana
Program Associate, National League of Cities

Jamie Durana’s work at the the National League of Cities is focused on immigrant integration. She was previously a research intern at the Migration Policy Institute in Washington, DC. Ms. Durana holds a Master of Arts degree in Nationalism and Identity from University College London and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Government and Politics from the University of Maryland.


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