Webinar: Qualified to Work: Tapping the Skills and Experience of Internationally-Trained Immigrants

December 20, 2016

hi_entrepreneurship_14Internationally-trained immigrants face barriers to employment when their qualifications, skills, and experience are not recognized. Can we afford to put valuable new sources of talent and social capital at risk?

Learn about initiatives in Montreal (Canada) and Augsburg (Germany) that recognize the value of immigrant talent and maximize the opportunities for internationally trained professionals to work to their full capabilities, skills, and qualifications. En route, they are driving innovation in the workplace and opening up space for new thinking and intercultural learning across the urban landscape.


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  • In Augsburg (Germany), MigraNet launched “Integration Begins at Work”  in 2008, a  public awareness campaign that underlines the lost opportunity cost of failing to recognize the skills and qualifications of internationally trained immigrants. Eight years later, the campaign has spread across Europe and been awarded the Integration award of the Bavarian Minister of Labour and Social Affairs.
  • La Ville de Montréal  (Canada), the city’s largest employer, offers a unique internship program, the Professional Sponsorship Program (Programme de parrainage professionnel) that gives qualified newcomers the opportunity to put their education and training to work. In 2016, the City received the Award of Excellence (Public / Government Sector) from the Canadian Race Relations Foundation


anne-guller-freyAnne Güller-Frey, Transnational Coordinator, IQ Network MigraNet (Augsburg, Germany)

Anne Güller-Frey coordinates the Bavarian Network IQ ( Integration through Qualification ) with 50 project partners – the largest IQ Network nationwide. The main focus of the Network IQ is the labour market integration of migrants and refugees.

She has considerable experience of European Union programs including transnational projects (IMPACT, MEET) with a focus on issues of migration, employment, skills, policy and practice development at local, regional and national level.  Transnational activities also include the National and International Metropolis-Conferences. In the past, cooperations have been set up with Canada, Australia and international organizations. Since 2014 she has been a member of the International Steering Committee of Metropolis.

She is also a member of the Integration Council of the Bavarian Government. She works on various aspects on vocational integration (Intercultural opening, Employers Engagement, Welcoming Culture, Recognition of foreign qualifications etc. )

She was coordinating the transnational working group “Awareness raising – promotion of positive images of migrants” in the network MEET – Migrants Employment Empowerment Training – with partners from Austria, UK, Netherlands, and Italy. She was responsible for the Image Campaign “Recognition Now!” – “Integration begins at Work.” In 2013 the Image Campaign won the Integration award of the Bavarian Minister of Labour and Social Affairs.


nathalie-tellierNathalie Tellier, Employment Diversity Advisor, City of Montreal, (Montreal, Canada)

Nathalie Tellier has been an Employment Diversity Advisor with the City of Montreal  for 13 years, responsible  for partnership development with government agencies. With a mission to diversify the City’s public service, Nathalie collaborates with many organizations and working groups in the Montreal region, including unions, community stakeholders and employers. She has developed inclusive projects and initiatives for youth, women, members of cultural communities, aboriginal people and people with disabilities. Her proactive approach, constantly looking for effective strategies and innovative solutions, is creating opportunities of change.

Since 2006, Nathalie has worked to make the integration of diversity in the workplace an organizational priority. She has developed and managed the City of Montreal’s Professional Sponsorship initiative since its inception in 2006. This program has enabled hundreds of people to join the municipal public service through a six-month professional mentoring process.

Nathal’s commitment helped bring the City of Montréal to the Canadian stage as a dynamic and active player in the integration of diversity. In October 2016, the Professional Sponsorship Program received the Award of Excellence in the Public / Government Sector category from the Canadian Race Relations Foundation. In addition, in 2015, the City was awarded the Maurice Pollack Award, which highlights the City of Montreal’s commitment to ethnocultural diversity.

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