Webinar: Making the Grade: Integration Through Education in Toronto and Zurich

March 02, 2010

Watch a 60-minute discussion on integration strategies that generate equal opportunities in education
and accelerate improved academic outcomes for immigrant and second-generation students.

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  • Download the Webinar Powerpoint slides (PDF)
  • Watch and listen to the Question and Answer (Q&A) with speakers, Ulrich Kober, Director, Programm Integration and Education, Bertelsmann Stiftung, Stuttgart, Germany Lloyd McKell, Executive Officer, Student and Community Equity, Toronto District School Board, and Selin Öndül, Quality in Multicultural Schools (QUIMS) Programme Officer, Ministry of Education, Canton Zurich.

Featured Good Ideas:

Learn about The Toronto District School Board (TDSB), the 2008 winner of the international Carl Bertelsmann Prize, and their grade-A success in responding to the challenge of migration and demographic changes in the culturally-diverse city of Toronto, Canada. Moving beyond traditional instructional models of second-language learning, discover how a public school system can partner with settlement agencies, community organizations, and government partners to transform diversity into an educational opportunity. Watch the Video Presentation.

From Zurich, learn how Quality in Multicultural Schools (QUIMS) tackled inequality of education at school with a flexible, multi-strand approach that included the student’s most important allies –her teachers and parents. Language support, parent councils, intercultural mediators, and systematic additional teacher training all combined to transform a pilot school program in the Canton of Zurich into core school legislation since 2008. Watch the Video Presentation.


Ulrich Kober
Director, Programm Integration and Education,
Bertelsmann Foundation, Stuttgart Germany

Ulrich Kober is currently Programme Director in the area of Integration and Education at the Bertelsmann Stiftung’s headquarters in Germany. He has been with the Bertelsmann Stiftung since 2000. One of the most prominent projects for which Mr. Kober was responsible was a federal competition on innovative integration projects. This competition was initiated by the then President of Germany, Johannes Rau. It resulted in the identification and dissemination of best practice on integration. It also promoted the positive aspects of integration and social cohesion in Germany. He was responsible for the 2008 Carl Bertelsmann Prize which was awarded to the Toronto District School Board for its excellence and equity policy.

Mr. Kober was a member of the Catholic Jesuit Order and has worked in various fields of Education and Integration. From 1991 to 2000, he was a Research Assistant for European migration policy at the Jesuit European Office in Brussels, Director of a civic education centre in Dresden and a secondary school teacher in Berlin and Medellín, Colombia.

Lloyd McKell
Executive Officer, Student and Community Equity,
Toronto District School Board

Lloyd McKell has been an educator with the Toronto District School Board for over thirty years where he currently holds the position of Executive Officer for Student and Community Equity. In this position, he is responsible for providing leadership and direction for the implementation of policies and practices which promote inclusive schools and which reflect the Board’s Equity policies. In 2008, the Toronto District School Board received the Carl Bertelsmann International award for excellence in Equity and Inclusion. Lloyd McKell has been an active contributor to many initiatives in the African Canadian community of Toronto for many years and in 2005, Lloyd received the African Canadian Achievement Award for excellence in the field of education.

Selin Öndül
Quality in Multicultural Schools (QUIMS) Programme Officer
Ministry of Education, Canton Zurich

Selin Öndül is a programme officer of QUIMS in Zurich. She coaches and consults schools that take part in the programm. She also contributes to further development of the programme. Coming form a multicultural family she migrated to Switzerland in 1997. She has a MSc in educational psychology from Zurich, as well as a BSc in teaching mathematics from Istanbul. She worked for 8 years in public schools in Zurich teaching Turkish to children of immigrant families. She has been active in several projects related with migration in Switzerland. Before taking her present position in the Ministry of Education, she worked for the Red Cross in Canton Zurich and coordinated an exchange programm aiming a better integration of migrant children.

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