The 2010 International Cities of Migration Conference, Oct. 3–4

October 03, 2010

Migration to Integration: An Opportunity Agenda For Cities

The 2010 International Cities of Migration Conference, Oct. 3-4, 2010 (The Hague, Netherlands), brought together 170 migration experts, practitioners and city leaders from over 50 cities across 22 countries. Over a short day and a half, we shared stories, debated the issues, and explored good ideas about immigrant integration, diversity and city leadership. We imagined how these ideas might travel home with us and make a contribution to the prosperity and wellbeing of our own cities of migration.

Conference feedback has been exceptionally strong. Overwhelmingly, what we heard was an endorsement of the politics of optimism: positive messages about the value of diversity and practical lessons based on the success of local integration initiatives by police, health professionals, municipal leaders, educators, activists and media –and many other city actors.

Conference Recordings and Media Reports coming soon!