Webinar: A Roadmap to Regional Prosperity: Municipal leadership on Immigrant Attraction and Retention

December 04, 2019

9:00 AM (AKST) in Anchorage
10:00 AM (PST) in Vancouver, Seattle
11:00 AM (MST) in Calgary, Denver
1:00 PM (EST) in Toronto, Thunder Bay, New York
2:00 PM (AST) in Moncton, Halifax

In a growing number of smaller and regional municipalities, community leaders are connecting local economic development and their future prosperity to the skills, industry and innovation that immigrants bring. Why not? The economic benefits of immigration are well-established. While welcoming campaigns and multicultural events can help put your community on the immigrant’s radar, post-arrival, successful immigrant integration and retention pose a new set of challenges, especially for smaller and regional communities. Beyond welcoming, how can municipal leadership create the conditions for the long-term success and well-being of newcomers, their families and every resident in the community?

Population decline and economic development needs are driving many small and mid-sized cities across Canada and the United States to invest in immigration as a strategy to unlock their community’s future. Municipal leaders are mobilizing new stakeholders, including employers, chambers of commerce, local NGOs, public institutions and multiple levels of government to align economic development and immigration goals for community health and well-being.

Join us online to learn how municipal leadership in Moncton (Atlantic Canada) and Anchorage (Alaska, U.S.A.) are designing a roadmap to their immigrant future through action-oriented strategies for inclusive community growth. Register now >>




Learn about Good Ideas:

• In Moncton, New Brunswick (Canada), the Greater Moncton Immigration Strategy takes stock and re-launches to mobilize the whole community around its success to date: a growing population of new permanent residents and a 77% immigrant retention rate.

• In Anchorage, Alaska (United States), a booming Arctic city frames its immigrant future within its diverse cultural past. The Welcoming Anchorage Roadmap is a living document designed to help the city’s many constituencies work together to build an equitable, diverse and welcoming city.


Angelique Reddy-Kalala, Immigration Strategy Officer, City of Moncton

Angelique Reddy-Kalala is the Immigration Strategy Officer with the City of Moncton where she works to carry out the Greater Moncton Immigration Strategy with immigration stakeholders while also implementing immigration solutions to fuel Moncton’s workforce needs. Angelique also led the implementation of the Greater Moncton Local Immigration Partnership and is currently the Chair of the Labour Market Working Group.

Angelique began her career as a refugee settlement councillor, later as a program coordinator, at the Multicultural Association of Greater Moncton. After this she joined the YMCA of Greater Moncton as Manager of Community Development, assisting with efforts to offer literacy, outreach and programming to at-risk youth. Angelique also focused on creating programs for newcomers, as well as managing international initiatives.

Mara Kimmel, Lead, Municipality of Anchorage Welcoming and Resilience Initiatives and Board member, Welcoming America and the Alaska Institute for Justice

Mara Kimmel has a long career in Alaskan public policy focused on rights and justice in northern communities. She has been on faculty at the Seattle University School of Law, the University of Alaska Anchorage and Alaska Pacific University and currently serves a Senior Research Fellow at the Anchorage Museum. In addition to teaching and research, Mara has worked as an immigration attorney and as an advocate for tribal subsistence rights. Since 2015, Mara has been involved with several city initiatives focused on equity, resilience and combatting human trafficking. She currently leads the Welcoming and Resilience initiatives at the Municipality of Anchorage and serves on the national board of directors for Welcoming America, on the regional advisory board for the Anti-Defamation League, and as a board president and co-founder of the Alaska Institute for Justice.

Mara was a member of the State of Alaska’s Climate Action Leadership Team and chaired the Advisory Committee for the 2019 Municipality of Anchorage’s Climate Action Planning process. Mara has a PhD from Central European University, a JD from the University of Minnesota School of Law, a Masters’ degree from the University of Alaska Fairbanks and a Bachelors’ degree from the University of California Berkeley.

The Immigrant Futures project explores new perspectives on the challenges and opportunities of immigration in Canada’s small cities, towns and regions. The Immigrant Futures webinar series is presented in partnership with Hire Immigrants-Magnet, Hamilton Economic Development, the City of Moncton, The Halifax Partnership and the Leeds Grenville Local Immigration Partnership; with support from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

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