Webinar: All Kids are VIPs: Immigrant Integration at School

March 07, 2012

Learn about an exciting school-based program, Alle Kids Sind VIPs, from Germany that empowers immigrant youth, educators, and “celebrity” ambassadors to raise awareness about cultural diversity. Replicated in Barcelona as “Eres joven, ¡triunfarás!” the program has now spread to schools across Spain to inspire a new generation to share positive contributions about immigrant integration.

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Featured Good Ideas:

  • A Good Idea! In Germany, the “Alle Kids Sind VIPs” (“All Kids Are VIPs”) is an exciting student-led program that was founded by the Bertelsmann Stiftung where it was a runaway success. The “All Kids Are VIPs” campaign invites German students between grades 5-12 to submit project ideas on how they could improve integration at their schools. Motivated by the chance to have their favourite celebrities and role models (who are of migrant backgrounds) visit their schools; students are prompted to find the move innovative ways to create welcoming environments for newcomers in their schools.
  • The benefits of replication! Replicated in Spain, the Eres joven, ¡triunfarás! (You are young, you will succeed!) program builds on the success of its German counterpart, (All Kids are VIPs) with new multi-prong strategies that not only raise awareness about the role of youth in the integration of migrants, but use this celebrity-supported campaign to demonstrate to parents and policy-makers the importance of cultural diversity

Tips from the presenters:

1. Engage teachers
Provide resources and information to teachers on how to include integration into lesson plans. In Spain, the Eres joven, ¡triunfarás! program partnered with the Ministry of Education to develop resources. The program also included teacher in the activities of the competition. School competitions are great door openers to exploring new ideas and creating team efforts between teachers and students.

2. Invite the “unusual actor” in integration as ambassadors
It is important to find the “unusual actors” and different role models to participate and represent immigrant integration projects. The Alle Kids sind VIPs invited ambassadors who are public figures from the German music, theatre, or sports world to meet with students winners. Celebrities were able to talk about their own immigrant experience, and serve as role models. Media partners are also essential in promoting the cause.

3. Replication of an existing program comes in many forms
Start by replicating only the part of the project that your organization can manage. Try to recycle your own resources/contacts from other projects. Analyze the context and adapt the project based on the needs of your particular your city or country.


Irene Pardo, Project Manager, Fundación Bertelsmann (Barcelona, Spain) 

Irene is the Project Manager of “Eres joven, ¡triunfarás!” at the Fundación Bertelsmann. Previously, she was the Project Assistant for the “TO2 por la participación juvenil” or Social Youth Entrepreneurship work at Fundación Bertelsmann. She was the Project Manager Amics de la UNESCO de Barcelona. Irene holds a Masters degree in Immigration and Intercultural Relations at the University Castilla la Mancha and a Masters degree in International and Intercultural Studies, conducted by the Center for International and Intercultural Studies, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona.

Caroline Dessin, Editor-in-training, Bertelsmann Stiftung (Gütersloh, Germany)

Caroline manages the Alle Kids sind VIPs program at Bertelsmann Stiftung, and has been with the German foundation since May 2011. She graduated from Universität Bielefeld in Germany – Magister Artium.


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