Webinar: Listen up! Media Strategies for Diverse Cities

May 17, 2011

Cities of Migration hosted a webinar on diversity in the media and shared successful strategies used by local radio broadcasters in Barcelona and Toronto to improve audience ratings. Find out how responding to changing demographics can help you share your city’s immigrant experience and boost station performance.

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Featured Good Ideas:

  • In Barcelona, COMRàdio is a regional network that dedicates two radio stations to immigrant integration, in both Spanish and Catalan. To recognize the increasing diversity of local audiences, COMRàdio creates ‘village squares’ across the airwaves for more than 140 local stations. Watch the Video Presentation.
  • In Toronto, CBC Radio’s Business Case for Diversity combines their audience growth strategy with effective diverse hiring and recruitment practices to become the top rated morning show in the city. Watch the Video Presentation.


Susan Marjetti, Managing Director, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) Radio, TV, Online

Susan Marjetti is the Managing Director of CBC radio, TV and online in Toronto. In addition to running the Toronto operation, Ms. Marjetti is responsible for overseeing 3 smaller stations across Ontario, Canada. For 20 years she was an award winning journalist and programmer in small, medium and major market radio, before moving into management at the CBC in 1998. In 2001, Ms. Marjetti took the reins of CBC radio 99.1 Toronto, and set forth to ensure that the public broadcaster looked and sounded like Toronto in all its richness and diversity. As a result, the CBC Toronto morning show, Metro Morning, has been number one over 31 times since Ms. Marjetti and her team implemented their plan. For the past 5 years, she has been a member of CBC’s English Services diversity committee- an oversight group which advises on strategic direction for the corporation on issues pertaining to diversity.

Núria de José, Contents Manager, COMRàdio

Núria de José Gomar is the contents’ manager at COMRàdio since 2008. Between 1995 and 2007, she was the general manager of Ràdio Premià de Mar, a local radio station in Barcelona. She has previously worked in several local media: the newspapers Mar Diari and Crònica de Mataró, in Mataró TV, and in the information services of Ràdio Premià de Mar. Núria de José Gomar graduated in Journalism at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.


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