Webinar: The Business Case for Investing in Refugee Talent

February 26, 2019

Immigrant Futures Presents:
The Business Case for Investing in Refugee Talent

The Immigrant Futures* project presents a 3-part webinar series to bring to life the recently released report, Investing in Refugee Talent: Lessons Learned in Labour Market Integration. Tune in and come prepared with questions for the industry leaders who can help you realize the benefit of integrating refugee talent into your workplace, and your community.

Employment is a central component to the integration and inclusion of a new immigrant to a community; the same is true for refugees. While the benefits of employment are readily reported, more and more the benefits to the businesses are emerging. Understanding that businesses have a significant role to play in refugee integration, but more significantly, that their efforts can impact their business bottom line, is an important message to share.

In-depth discussion with Mustafa Alio, Jumpstart Refugee Talent, a leading expert in the economic case for refugee labour market integration, and Elizabeth Bolton Lim, BDC, an employer that has created a program to specifically target immigrant and refugee recruitment, and has realized the benefit in its workplace. Guest moderator: Devon Franklin, Hire Immigrants.


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Mustafa Alio, Co-Founder and Development Director, Jumpstart Refugee Talent (Canada)

Mustafa Alio is Co-Founder and Development Director at Jumpstart Refugee Talent. The Refugee Career Jumpstart Project (RCJP) is a Canadian non-profit based in Toronto focused on streamlining the process between the arrival of refugees and their employment. Founded in 2015, RCJP supports refugees and newcomers in their entry into both the education and job markets. RCJP began as an organization focused on assisting Syrian newcomers and has since grown to encompass all refugees within its scope.


Elizabeth Bolton Lim, National Diversity Officer at BDC

Elizabeth is BDC’s National Diversity Officer. With close to 15 years of diversified experience in commercial lending, Elizabeth is well acquainted with the trials and tribulations of Canadian entrepreneurs. Throughout her career, she has successfully married her business know-how with her passion for creating a diverse and inclusive workplace and community. Being a first generation Canadian of mixed race heritage has provided Elizabeth with first-hand experience in the challenges of non-inclusive workplaces. She has leveraged her experience and perspective into strong advocacy in the workplace.
Elizabeth supports diversity and inclusion communities within BDC, and she also mentors newcomer entrepreneurs through ACCES Employment’s Entrepreneurship Connections program.


Devon Franklin, Project Manager, Magnet Export Business Portal | Hire Immigrants

As Project Manager of the Magnet Export Business Portal, Devon supports businesses to realize the benefits of tapping into foreign markets, and to build the capacity of Canadian businesses and entrepreneurs. Devon Franklin also leads Hire Immigrants, an online platform for employers to find and share good practices on immigrant employment and a network hub for increased awareness of the valuable skills and talent immigrants bring to local and global businesses. By focusing on the role of employers and drivers of business performance, Hire Immigrants helps identify outdated HR practices in hiring and empowers employers to fully leverage immigrant talent in their workforce. Devon holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto and a Master of Arts in Immigration and Settlement Studies at Ryerson University.

*The Immigrant Futures series of events, webinars and workshops is presented by the Cities of Migration program at Ryerson’s Global Diversity Exchange, in partnership with Hire Immigrants-Magnet, Hamilton Economic Development and Halifax Partnership; with funding support from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

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