Webinar: What Comes First — Language or Work?

October 20, 2016

Presented by Hire Immigrants and Magnet

Learning a new language is a primary step for successful integration for newcomers. Finding meaningful employment opportunities is also an essential step for those who arrive and are able and willing to work.

Employers are often faced with the question of whether to prioritize language or job opportunity. Language proficiency and ability to communicate is essential for success in the workplace and long-term career growth, but can employees work and learn at the same time?

In this webinar, Hire Immigrants will address this important question of ‘What comes first — language or work?

Additional Resources:


  • Jonas Månsson, Associate Professor in Economics, Linnaeus University (Småland, Sweden)
  • Merissa Preston, Training Liaison, LiUNA! Local 506 (Toronto, Canada)


  • Arthur Sweetman, Professor of Economics, McMaster University (Hamilton, Canada)

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