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Friday, February 12, 2010

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In this issue:
Leveling the Playing Field with Education
JUMP Math – Myth-Busting at School
Interview: Ulrich Kober and the Carl Bertelsmann Prize
Helping Hands: Haitian Canadians in Montreal
One Stop Shopping in Lisbon
Singapore: Tuition Program for International Students
Food for Thought: Dispatches from Australia
Integration at Play : Equitas
Congratulations: Ratna Omidvar, Nation Builder

Walking School Bus Leveling the Playing Field with Education

Second generation learners are a litmus test for integration success. The educational achievement of the second generation relative to their native peers tells a compelling story of how some communities are succeeding and others are falling behind.

This month we profile Good Ideas in the area of education. We look at the Toronto District School Board (TDSB), winner of the prestigious international 2008 Carl Bertelsmann Prize, and the canton-wide success of the QUIMS program from Zurich, also nominated for their work in city schools in Switzerland.

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JUMP Math JUMP Math – Myth-Busting at School

Other stories from the classroom include Jump Math, a remedial math program developed in Toronto and tested in cities across Canada and the UK that shatters academic and social stereotypes about who is ‘good’ at math and creates more equity in the classroom.

Learn more about what happens when learning adds up!


Interview: Ulrich Kober and the Carl Bertelsmann Prize

Education, integration and international success. Like Cities of Migration, the Bertelsmann approach is about cities learning from other cities. Ulrich Kober Director, Integration and Education, at the Bertelsmann Foundation (Germany) talks to Cities of Migration about the 2008 Carl Bertelsmann Prize, why education is so important to successful integration and what we can learn from the world when we go looking.
Education, integration and international success.

Read the Cities of Migration Interview


Luck Mervil Helping Hands: Haitian Canadians in Montreal

Like other Canadians, Haitian Canadians are responding to the recent earthquake disaster with doctors, journalists, police, community volunteers and the ordinary acts of generosity that distinguish established, well-knit communities. Nowhere is this more true than Montreal, home to the largest Haitian community in Canada.

Read more about the Haitian community in Montreal


Lisbon handbook One Stop Shopping in Lisbon

Housing and employment, visas and banking, schools and hospitals, or a soccer pitch for week-end recreation? Where to start when you are settling into a new neighbourhood and job ?

Bringing services together under one roof, applying reliable service standards and ensuring open access for everyone (regardless of status) is the operating principle and genius of Lisbon's One Stop Shop. Better yet, centralized One Stop Shop services are available to all city residents, and not just migrants.

Read more about One Stop Shop


Singapore: Tuition Program for International Students

The Government of Singapore has introduced a Tuition Grant Scheme (TSG), to help international students subsidise the high costs of technical and university education. The policy is part of an overall strategy to both recruit and retain international students to Singapore.

With a population of 4.5 million and an extremely low birth rate, Singapore, needs immigration to remain economically competitive. The TSG is part of a larger economic strategy to become a "talent capital of the global economy."

For more on this Good Idea We are Watching, visit our E-zine.


Food for Thought: Dispatches from Australia

Will Australia maintain its "immigration with social cohesion" success story as the country travels towards 30/50, i.e., a population of 30 million projected for 2050? No problem, says a new report from the Scanlon Foundation, Monash University and the Australian Multicultural Foundation.

Read about the impact of recent immigration reform on Australia’s overseas student education sector; about managing racism in public schools; or find a recipe for diversity with Australia’s "Taste of Harmony" campaign.

Read all about it!


Equitas Integration at Play : Equitas

Cultivating empathy and a sense of fair play in children reduces social intolerance, bullying and other forms of discrimination by taking the "other" out of the equation. When commonalities outweigh difference, it’s easier to get on with the game, whether you are in the playground or sitting in a corporate board room.


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Berlin: Dolls and Diversity: Fighting Prejudice with Empathy


Ratna Omidvar Congratulations: Ratna Omidvar, Nation Builder

In January, Ratna Omidvar, Maytree President and founder of Cities of Migration, was recognized as one of Canada’s top ten Nation Builders of the Decade, an honour shared with the Canadian inventors of the Blackberry and internationally acclaimed writer Margaret Atwood. Why? She took action to change the conversation on immigration and created an opportunity agenda for cities.

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Featured Good Idea

A Taste of Harmony
Melbourne, Australia

Celebrate Australia's "hotpot of cultures" through the joy of food. More


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