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Cities of Migration

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

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In this issue:
Greetings from Barcelona
2010 International Cities of Migration Conference, The Hague, October 3-4
Hardwiring Cities for Integration: Meet Irena Guidikova, Intercultural Cities
Earth Day, Going Global!
The Price of Admission: Learning about Financial Inclusion
Spain joins Cities of Migration
Sector Snapshot
On The Trail of Our Good Ideas....

Barcelona Greetings from Barcelona

Hola y bienvenido! Cities of Migration se complace en anunciar que su sitio está ahora disponible en español.

This month, Cities of Migration welcomes a new partner, the Barcelona-based Fundación Bertelsmann and its ambitious new program to promote good immigrant integration practice in cities in Spain. Spanish-speakers can now explore the Cities of Migration website, en español, whether they are in Madrid, Miami or Mexico City. You can look forward to more Good Ideas from Spain in the months ahead. For now, have a look at our profile on Barcelona Activa and its ODAME program, or read about the rich mix of community groups driving change in Tot Raval.

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2010 CoM conference 2010 International Cities of Migration Conference, The Hague, October 3-4

Mark your calendars! Cities of Migration is hosting its first international conference, From Migration to Integration: An Opportunity Agenda for Cities, in The Hague on October 3-4, 2010 .

Join us for a dynamic two-day event that engages international city leaders, migration experts and local practitioners in a practical dialogue on this essential dimension of city prosperity and growth.

The conference is convened in association with the City of The Hague and the 15th International Metropolis, "Justice and Migration, Paradoxes of Belonging." For more information, visit the 2010CoM conference website.


Irena Guidikova Hardwiring Cities for Integration: Meet Irena Guidikova, Intercultural Cities

This month we talk to Irena Guidikova, the Head of Cultural Policy for the Diversity and Intercultural Dialogue Division, at the Council of Europe about intercultural integration and their 11 city pilot project, Intercultural Cities.

According to Guidikova, European countries and cities have focused over the last decade on what she calls "integration hardware" - the provision of basic services for migrants (health, education, housing, language training, etc.). Now its time to pay attention to the "software," or the cultural dimension of integration…"

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Earth Day Earth Day, Going Global!

On April 22, global cities and local neighbourhoods around the world celebrated Earth Day. At Cities of Migration, we take pride in the way our webinars connect global cities and bring people together around good ideas –with no carbon footprint.

In recognition of Earth Day, we have profiled some Good Ideas on environment and healthy cities:

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A photo of a bank machine The Price of Admission: Learning about Financial Inclusion

Last month, our learning exchange showcased Good Ideas which support financial inclusion through entrepreneurial business start-up opportunity and by providing tools for financial literacy.

Stephanie Mestrallet described how the UK NGO, Fair Finance, adapted microfinance strategies and tools from development projects in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and transferred them to the streets of East London to address unethical lending practices. From the City of Barcelona, we featured Barcelona Activa, the local development agency and business incubator that is harnessing the energy and drive of newcomers whether they are new to the city or just new to business. Josepha Sánchez Garcia presented the ODAME project and its work with women entrepreneurs.

Missed it? You can download the Financial Inclusion Strategies for Migration presentation (PDF)
Why not re-play the whole event?  Watch the webinar recording!


Fundacion Bertelsmann Spain joins Cities of Migration

Meet the Fundación Bertelsmann, our new partner in Spain, a pioneering institution in the promotion of civic responsibility in Spain. Founded in 1995 as an independent 'sister' of our German partner, the Bertelsmann Stiftung, the Barcelona-based Fundación Bertelsmann is working with the Cities of Migration project to identify good integration practices from Spanish cities.

With its strong economic development over recent years, Spain has become one of the countries in the European Union that receives the largest number of new inhabitants from other territories. This situation has led cities like Barcelona to devise and implement new initiatives that are redefining community relationships on a daily basis.

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Sector Snapshot

A snapshot of events and announcements in our sector:

    Understanding OPENCities
    On May 21, the British Council released its Understanding OPENCities report. It features case studies from Amsterdam, Auckland, Dublin, Madrid, and Toronto, comparing and contrasting their strengths and weaknesses, and highlighting how each city has embraced openness in its bid to build a successful world brand. Read the press release  for more information. To download your free copy visit www.opencities.eu. go to ezine

    E Pluribus Unum Award 2010
    Congratulations to the 2010 winners of the Migration Policy Institute’s E Pluribus Unum Awards!  Good news! Two of the winners have previously been featured as Good Ideas in Integration: from the City of Durham the Latino Community Credit Union, and from New York City, Upwardly Global. go to ezine 

    The Changing Face of American Cities
    A new Brookings Institute report looks at population growth, levels of racial and ethnic diversity, and educational attainment in US cities, and concludes: "If you want to know where our nation is heading in the next ten, twenty years, all you have to do is look at these cities" - Alan Berube, Brookings Institute. go to ezine

    Mapping Sustainable Urban Development: EU’s URBACT
    URBACT’s interactive map of EU cities programs and projects is now online. What is Urbact? A European exchange and learning programme that enables CITIES to work together to develop solutions to major urban challenges, and promotes sustainable urban development. go to ezine


    On The Trail of Our Good Ideas....

    From our readers: 

    At Cities of Migration, our Good Ideas also travel from reader to reader.   We want to share these stories with you. This month Valeisha, from Toronto, connects a Good Idea about Chinese textile workers in Bologna to Mauritius and French Europe.

    Name: Valeisha Sobhee, Human Resources & Communications Professional

    Her Cities: Vacoas to Cambridge to Montreal to Toronto

    The Good Idea that really caught my eye was: "Social Justice Is Better Business", integrating the Chinese business community into the mainstream".

    Why: Mauritius welcomes temporary Chinese workers; the good idea acknowledges the presence of a foreign community and actively seeks to build a bridge, through translated manuals, and using Chinese radio programs to transmit ideas and tools to help that community integrate better. This leads to improved quality of life for the workers and businesses, rather than letting them live in an artificial and isolated bubble within the country.

    How did you share it: I forwarded it in English to some of my Mauritian friends through social media. Those are people who somewhere down the line may be policy makers or are already socially involved. Such practical ideas can be adapted and implemented locally. I also forwarded the French version of the article to my French family. They are based in Europe, and it can be interesting to open their perspective to this reality and the actions that can be taken.

    Any feedback: Some people were surprised at the realisation that "Made in Italy" can also be "Made by Chinese". The whole idea of proactively integrating foreign workers is still a work in progress and the feedback was that it's refreshing to see how easy it can be.

    Thanks Valeisha! Do you have a story to share? contact us: citiesofmigration@maytree.com

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    Featured Good Idea

    Dublin, Ireland
    Did You Know You Can Vote? Cities and Democracy at Work

    A city framework for integration makes voting rights the key to immigrant empowerment. Read more


    Missed our Last Webinar?


    Webinar - Making Integration Count:

    Local Gateways to Citizenship
    New gateway cities like Fort Wayne, Indiana (US), and Oslo, Norway, are helping transform the immigrant experience of dislocation and exclusion into a celebration of new community where everyone counts -and is counted.

    Watch the webinar recording now!


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