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Thursday, July 28, 2011

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In this issue:
La Convivencia
John Ralston Saul: Imagine the Other
Dear Sir Lawrence Hill, I Plan to Burn Your Book
Good Idea: Music and the Urban Soul of New Zealand
The Learning Exchange
Barcelona: Media Connections
Webinar Video: Opening Doors: Innovative Strategies for Immigrant Student Success
Can Immigrants Save Detroit?
Good Ideas: What We are Watching
Good Ideas in the News

La Convivencia

The Spanish concept of La Convivencia, or Living Together, emphasizes the shared experience of living and working in today’s urban societies. This was the lived experience of Norwegian youth before the horror on Utøyo Island.

But Norway also inspires. As Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg said, “We will never give up our values. Our response is more democracy, more openness, and more humanity.”

We take this to heart as we announce our upcoming season. This fall Cities of Migration hits the road with a lens on city leadership and how local authorities contribute to inclusive, open cities. From procurement and zoning policies to city services, look out for new ideas and a chance to submit your city success story to the mix.

In October you'll find us in Seattle at the 4th US National Immigrant Integration Conference with an international Marketplace of Good Ideas.


John Raulston Saul John Ralston Saul: Imagine the Other

Opinion @ Cities of Migration

The International President of PEN International and co-chair of the Institute for Canadian Citizenship invites us to re-think immigration policy as "citizenship policy."

"[In Canada], we aren’t really looking for immigrants, we’re looking for citizens, for the simple reason that one becomes the other. Our immigration policy is really a citizen policy. Landed immigrant status is like getting engaged to get married. This is a philosophy – a national state of mind – which shapes all the rest."

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Lawrence Hill Dear Sir Lawrence Hill, I Plan to Burn Your Book

Feature @ Cities of Migration

When author Lawrence Hill learned about a planned book-burning in Amsterdam over the new Dutch title of his internationally-acclaimed novel, The Book of Negroes (also published as Someone Knows My Name), he decided to set the record straight:

"Racial terminology will always fail, because it is absurd to try to define a person by race."

>> Read full article


Good Idea: Music and the Urban Soul of New Zealand

In 2009, People in Your Neighbourhood began as an innovative music collaboration to highlight Auckland’s increasing creative and multi-ethnic diversity.

The result was an album, live performances and a new kind of community engagement.

>> Read about the Good Idea


The Learning Exchange

What's Next? You tell us! Take our 1 minute survey.Our 2011 webinar season explored an exciting range of themes and issues: Arts & Culture, Education, Media Diversity, Community Policing, Health, Political Participation. Browse our past video webinars!

In September, we return with an all new webinar season.

To help us develop our programming calendar, we want to know which topics interest you!

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Barcelona: Media Connections

What happens when media is invited to join a social network designed to improve information about immigration for journalists, communicators and interested institutions? New connections from Barcelona....

>> Read City Dispatch


Malmo Webinar Video: Opening Doors: Innovative Strategies for Immigrant Student Success

In our last webinar poll, participants identified parental support and intercultural curriculum education as key priorities for immigrant student success.

Making sure that families are put at the centre of education has been a successful strategy behind Frankfurt's Diesterweg Scholarship, a program aimed at immigrant families. From Malmo, we learned how a bilingual education system that allows immigrant students to learn in their mother tongue a s well as in the language of their adoptive country, also creates a unique intercultural experience and increases dialogue between teachers and parents. Both Good Ideas require leadership from education administrators and policy-makers, so that no child is left behind.

>> Learn more => watch the webinar video and find related resources!


Can Immigrants Save Detroit?

Re-inventing old rustbelt cities like Detroit means mainstreaming new ideas about 21st century urban economies - and their communities. City leaders at a recent conference in Detroit took aim at making "the case for a diverse, international agenda for metro Detroit and Michigan.”

>> Read City Dispatch


Good Ideas: What We are Watching

  • Hamilton (Canada): Going for Gold, Pan Am 2015. A plan to promote social inclusion and economic prosperity More

  • Berlin (Germany): Testing Diversity in German City Councils. Do the democratic institutions reflect the diversity of society? More


Good Ideas in the News

URBACT update from Jean-Loup Drubigny, URBACT Head of Secretariat. More

Migration Futures: Perspectives on Global Changes, 16th international Metropolis conference, September 12-16, 2011, Azores Islands. More 

City of Sanctuary Arrives in Manchester! The “City of Sanctuary” movement is intended to build a culture of municipal hospitality for people seeking sanctuary in the UK. More

Public Safety Programs for the Immigrant Community: 17 Good Practices in U.S. A National League of Cities report. More

A Guidebook for Building an Immigrant Workforce in the Nonprofit Sector: A new publication from the Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations (CCVO). More

International Migration Outlook 2011: An OECD analysis of recent developments in migration movements and policies in OECD countries. More 


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Featured Good Idea

Kangaroos, Football and the Local Community
Melbourne, Australia

An Aussie-rules football team rebuilds by bringing the community with them.

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October 24-26, 2011

Building a Stronger Democracy: A New Decade for Immigrant Integration
4th Annual National Immigrant Integration Conference 2011 in Seattle.

More information


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