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Cities of Migration

Friday, February 17, 2012

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In this issue:
City Stories
Lord Mayor Wolfgang Schuster: Listening to Local Leadership in Stuttgart
Ayesha Saran Talks Transatlantic Trends: Immigration
The 5 Estates Project: Bringing Diverse Communities Together
Dialogue on Diversity: Setting the Stage for Business Growth and Innovation
Antwerp: Minding Minority Interests at City Hall
Creating Language Empathy in Corporate Canada
On the Trail of Good Ideas: Finding Financial Inclusion
To Stay or not to Stay? Retirement Migration and Older Ethnic Minorities in the UK
Maytree President Ratna Omidvar Receives Order of Canada
Good Ideas in the News

City Stories

Thank you! The call for submissions of city-led practice is closed. Now comes the hard work of sifting through over forty entries. This spring we will publish highlights from the municipal collection, followed by a series of region-focused "snapshots" of good municipal practice. In the fall, look for a report with recommendations for city leadership and lessons for community partners.

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Mayor Schuster Lord Mayor Wolfgang Schuster: Listening to Local Leadership in Stuttgart

Opinion @ Cities of Migration

As part of our Good Ideas from Successful Cities: Municipal Leadership on Immigrant Integration, we asked mayors and city leaders for their views on immigration, local initiatives and future plans.

Why are immigrants important to Stuttgart?

"Because in the 21st century we will be an international city or a province city with no chances."

>> Read the Opinion


Ayesha Saran Ayesha Saran Talks Transatlantic Trends: Immigration

According to the 2011 Transatlantic Trends: Immigration survey, while most respondents in Europe and the US see immigration as a problem, they remain optimistic about immigrant integration.

We asked Ayesha Saran, Programme Manager - Migration and Europe, at the Barrow Cadbury Trust in London (UK), one of TTI’s project partners, to comment on this year's findings.

"The survey found that public attitudes are more complex and nuanced than is often reported."

>> Read Interview


5 Estates Project The 5 Estates Project: Bringing Diverse Communities Together

How can residents in housing estates filled with different communities overcome their mutual suspicions and learn to trust each other?

This was a key question facing the borough of Dudley, a former industrial centre in the West Midlands after legislation in 1999 made it one of many “designated dispersal areas” for refugees and asylum seekers in the UK.

>> Read about the Good Idea


Dialogue on Diversity: Setting the Stage for Business Growth and Innovation

Jane Allen, Partner and Chief Diversity Officer, Deloitte Canada, promotes the importance of diversity and creating greater cross-cultural competence in today's business climate. In our December webinar, she shared some tips for putting ideas into action. 

  • Encourage leadership buy-in
  • Create employee resource groups
  • Share lessons learned

Read the complete set of tips and watch the new webinar video.


Speak Up poster Antwerp: Minding Minority Interests at City Hall

When the City of Antwerp was looking to improve its relations with minority communities after a controversial headscarf ban, it decided to approach the Brussels-based Minderhedenforum ("Forum of Ethnic Cultural Communities") for help.

The city council wanted a new way to reach out to community organizations and the Forum’s model based on ten years of experience seemed to be the right one to adapt.

>> Read about the Good Idea


Creating Language Empathy in Corporate Canada

 When skilled immigrants speak their new country's language as a second language, how does that affect communication and teamwork in the workplace?

As part of their leadership training, all supervisors at 3M Canada complete a language exercise to help them better understand such experiences.

This gives them an appreciation for how much work goes into a simple conversation when your first language isn’t English, says Sarah Tattersall, Manager of Recruitment Talent Development at 3M.

>> Read the Good Idea We're Watching


Stephanie Mestallet On the Trail of Good Ideas: Finding Financial Inclusion

Good Ideas about successful integration are traveling from city to city. This month meet Stephanie Mestrallet, Head of Business at London's Fair Finance.

The good idea that most recently caught my eye was a fantastic Community Finance Organisation based in Charlotte and Durham in the US, the Latino Community Credit Union. They are providing small and affordable loans and financial services to people excluded from the banking system.

Why? The reasons why I was really impressed was 1) their impact on the community and 2) their rapid and efficient growth (10 branches).

Do you have a story to share? Submit a good idea!

>> Read Full Article


To Stay or not to Stay? Retirement Migration and Older Ethnic Minorities in the UK

There is a growing population of older ethnic minorities in the UK, many of whom were born abroad and are   considering "returning" to their country of birth when they retire.

To better understand this phenomemon, Runnymede Trust has released To Stay or Not to Stay, a qualitative study that explores the issues that influence how older ethnic minorities decide where to spend retirement.

>> Read Full Article


Ratna Omidvar Maytree President Ratna Omidvar Receives Order of Canada

Maytree President Ratna Omidvar was recently appointed as a Member of the Order of Canada. Earlier, she told her story, A Canadian in the Making, as letters to her adopted country.

“I thought about the thirty years since my arrival in Canada, and how much Canada and I have changed, How much we both are a work in progress…. I’m going to tell you my story in Canada… My story is no different than that of the hundreds of thousands of immigrants who choose to make Canada their home. We all have a starring role in the same reality show.”

>> Read more about her story on the Maytree blog


Good Ideas in the News

The deadline for the 2012 E Pluribus Unum Prizes is March 15, 2012. The US awards program is searching for exceptional immigrant integration initiatives. It is coordinated by the Migration Policy Institute's National Center on Immigrant Integration Policy and supported by the J.M. Kaplan Fund of New York. More

2011 Canadian Census results were released last week revealing that two-thirds of the country's population growth came from newcomers. By 2030, that figure will jump to 80 percent reports the Ottawa Citizen. More

Featured video: Nikki Cicerani, Executive Director of Upwardly Global in New York City, talks about what makes this project on skilled immigrant integration so successful. More 

Promoting ethnic entrepreneurship in European cities. The Eurofund report examines what city authorities are doing to attract ethnic entrepreneurs into their established business communities, and to facilitate the business environment – from the purely financial to providing training and advice. More

Integrating Cities, March 8-9, 2012, Amsterdam. The theme for the EUROCITIES conference is "making integration work in European cities." It will focus on cities as areas for social cohesion and intercultural dialogue – addressing the strategic partnership between Europe’s cities and the European Union to implement the EU migrant integration agenda. More

Spanish Police Diversity Management Awards. At the first national meeting of local security chiefs in Toledo, Spain, the Spanish Platform for Police Diversity Management gave out its awards for "Management of the Diverse Society." More

A new Canadians on Citizenship survey reveals that Canadians think citizenship is more than paying taxes or obeying the law. The poll of more than 2,000 people was part of a collaboration between the Environics Institute, the Institute for Canadian Citizenship (ICC), the Maytree Foundation, the CBC and RBC to further the national dialogue on citizenship. More


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