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Cities of Migration

Friday, March 23, 2012

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In this issue:
15 Good Ideas: Diversity and Inclusion in Cities
Demetrios Papademetriou: Rethinking National Identity in the Age of Migration
Super-diversity and the City
A Charter of Rights for Urban Citizens
Tenerife: Together in the Same Direction
FutureChallenges: The New City
Business Law for Immigrant Entrepreneurs
Living Together in Waltham Forest (London) and Antwerp
Good Ideas in the News

15 Good Ideas: Diversity and Inclusion in Cities

In an era of globalization and unprecedented urban growth, stories of migration are about open, inclusive cities that are creating opportunities for all, and include a palpable sense of excitement and opportunity.

A new report from the Fundación Bertelsmann takes a Spanish lens on the Cities of Migration collection and highlights good practice in the areas of young people, culture, public space, education and police services. Enjoy!

>> 15 Good Ideas: Diversity and Inclusion in Cities


Demetrios Papademetriou: Rethinking National Identity in the Age of Migration

Opinion @ Cities of Migration 

"For governments, both the challenge and opportunity has become to create a new definition of "we" based on a more inclusive idea of national identity and belonging, and to convince the broader society that investing in integration is an investment in shared futures."

Demetrios Papademetriou of the Migration Policy Institute's Transatlantic Council on Migration shares the 2011 Council Statement on what policymakers can do to create stronger and more cohesive societies during a period of rapid social change that is often associated with immigration. 

>> Read Opinion


Super-diversity and the City

Interview with Sarah Spencer, COMPAS

Today as many cities proclaim that they are home to over one hundred nationalities, leading researchers talk about "super-diversity" as the new norm when talking about migration.

We spoke with Sarah Spencer, Senior Fellow at the Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS) and author of The Migration Debate, in a wide-ranging discussion about super-diversity, belonging and the role of local authorities.

>> Read Interview


A Charter of Rights for Urban Citizens

In Canada, citizens have their rights protected under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. But in Montreal, people also have their urban rights recognized in the first such city charter in North America.

The Charter is the product of a task force on citizen rights and local democracy. It begins with a list of common values and principles, stating that Montreal is a French-speaking city which provides services in English, under law, while stating that diversity must be recognized as a resource to foster "the inclusion of and harmonious relations among its communities and persons of all origins.”

>> Read about the Good Idea


Tenerife: Together in the Same Direction

For the Spanish island of Tenerife the recent growth of its population by migration and the increased diversity of cities like Santa Cruz de Tenerife is a relatively new phenomenon.

A new network of community groups and associations is building trust and confidence for the council's integration agenda to overcome the noted lack of interaction among immigrant groups. 

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FutureChallenges: The New City

As the world’s cities swell they’re being forced to change. Steven Watson @ FutureChallenges takes a look at the new challenges facing urban living and uncovers some interesting attempts to manage the transition.

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Business Law for Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Starting a business in a new country is no easy task. It is one thing to come up with the great idea, but it is another to learn how to navigate a new country’s legal structures.

Toronto's Connect Legal provides educational workshops and pro bono (free) commercial legal assistance to  immigrant entrepreneurs who cannot afford legal advice before starting a business. In doing so, it aims to level the playing field among all entrepreneurs.

>> Read about the Good Idea


Living Together in Waltham Forest (London) and Antwerp

In our last webinar, the city councils of Antwerp and Waltham Forest (borough of London) shared some successful tips for how local authorities can step up their game and bring a renewed focus on building social cohesion: 

  • Make cohesion a priority at every level and in good governance structures.
  • Develop new partnerships with key voluntary and independent community organizations.
  • Research and develop evidence about community needs.
Watch the webinar video and find online resources on Living Together: City Strategies for Social Inclusion.


Good Ideas in the News

2012 World Mayor Prize: The City Mayors Foundation is seeking nominations. It awards the prize every two years and candidates must be in their second term of office. More

MPI Europe: New Brussels Think Tank. The Migration Policy Institute has launched MPI Europe, a nonprofit, independent research institute that aims to provide a better understanding of migration in Europe and promote effective policymaking. More
Toolkit for Municipalities, Organizations and Citizens (CCMARD-UNESCO). The Canadian Coalition of Municipalities Against Racism and Discrimination and the Canadian Commission for UNESCO have published a report and online toolkit that provides practical information to support the work of municipalities and their partners in strengthening their local initiatives and policies against racism and discrimination. More

The Migrant Rights's Network - Congratulations! MRN has just released a new report, Progress, 2006-2011, to celebrate its fifth year by highlighting key events and milestones. More  

Bravo to Baltimore's mayor: Stephanie Rawlings-Blake signed an Executive Order to protect new Americans from discrimination regardless of immigration status this month! More

Visible minorities shut out of leadership positions: a comment in the Toronto Star on the city's glass ceiling by Ratna Omidvar and John Tory, co-chairs of DiverseCity, the Greater Toronto Leadership Project. More

Facing Financial Futures: Birmingham 2012: A new video released by the Runnymede Trust highlights the concerns of older people - from worries over making ends meets to receiving pensions abroad. It accompanies the report, To Stay or Not to Stay? Retirement Migration and Older Ethnic Minorities in the UKMore

Featured Video:
 José Ramón Fernández-Peña talks about the Welcome Back Initiative which helps internationally-trained health professionals use their skills while addressing essential health gaps in community health care. More

Advance Ashburton: The World Has Come to Our Town! A Newcomers Network opens in a small town in New Zealand. More

A New Way to Measure the Burgeoning Power of the Immigrant Vote. New post at the Immigration Impact blog from the Amercian Immigration Council. More


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Upcoming Webinar

Count Us In: Building Citizenship through Participation

April 25, 2012

Learn about successful programs in Dublin and Toronto that engage newcomer communities around the rights, responsibilities and rites of urban citizenship.

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Older But Not Overlooked

Rüsselsheim, Germany

Creating programs for older migrants through community consultation.

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