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Cities of Migration

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

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In this issue:
Cities of Migration User Survey
Richard Barrero-Zapata: The Myth of Tolerance
Relying on Immigrant Networks: Business Network Aachen
Ziauddin Sardar: In Defense of Multiculturalism
The Mayor's Office of New Bostonians
On the Trail of Good Ideas: Montreal to Barcelona
Learning Exchange: Immigrant Integration at School
Ideas on the Move: Peel Children's Aid and Diversity onBoard
Good Ideas in the News

Cities of Migration User Survey

Are Good Ideas travelling?

We would like your feedback! Help us learn more about your experience with Cities of Migration and how good ideas are travelling from city to city.

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Richard Barrero-Zapata Richard Barrero-Zapata: The Myth of Tolerance

Opinion @ Cities of Migration

What does tolerance really mean in today's super-diverse communities? Is it enough to understand tolerance as a "concept and practice that stands between intolerance and acceptance, respect and public recognition of minority individuals, groups or practices?"

Understanding what it means today is what Ricard Zapata-Barrero undertakes in Addressing Tolerance and Diversity Discourses in Europe: Comparative Overview of 16 European Countries. He is the Director of GRITIM-UPF (Interdisciplinary Research Group on Immigration) at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona-Spain).

>> Read Opinion


Business Network Aachen Relying on Immigrant Networks: Business Network Aachen

How does a city recharge its economic engine and stay competitive in a globalized economy?

For the German city of Aachen, the answer lies with its entrepreneurs, and in particular with immigrant-run companies in knowledge-intensive sectors. Such leaders have an edge in promoting the city to networks in their countries of origin.

>> Read about the Good Idea


Ziauddin Sardar Ziauddin Sardar: In Defense of Multiculturalism

Interview @ Cities of Migration

Multiculturalism is an idea that appears under attack these days. Professor Ziauddin Sardar argues it has been "very good for Britain as a whole, but particularly for Muslims." A leading British intellectual, who specializes in Muslim thought, science policy, and cultural criticism, he sat down with Cities of Migration to talk multiculturalism, interculturalism and integration.

"It is important to realize that multiculturalism is not about dominance of one culture over another. It is not about the dominance of a single culture over a multiple of cultures. It is about equality of cultures."

>> Read Interview


Office of New Bostonians The Mayor's Office of New Bostonians

In 1998, Mayor Thomas M. Menino made the remarkable decision to open a new kind of city agency. The Mayor’s Office of New Bostonians was based on the recognition that a growing number of residents were immigrants, and that more coordination was necessary to ensure that they felt at home and had the chance to be fully integrated into all areas of civic life.

What was unusual then is not so now. The Mayor’s Office of New Bostonians has become a national model for helping newcomers connect with city government. 

>> Read about the Good Idea


Julie King On the Trail of Good Ideas: Montreal to Barcelona

Good Ideas about successful integration are traveling from city to city. This month meet Julie Kon Kam King, Senior Program Officer, Canada for Equitas (Play It Fair!).

The Cities of Migration Good Idea that really caught my eye was the Fundación Bertelsmann’s publication, Good Ideas: Diversity and Inclusion in Cities.

Why? This publication gets the word out, highlights best practices with concrete steps, and provides fresh ideas on how to make cities inclusive, vibrant, livable places to be. During a recent visit to Barcelona, I met with Monique Dissarz (Cities of Migration, Spain). We talked about her work promoting diversity, civic engagement and dialogue with municipalities.

>> Read the Full Article


Learning Exchange: Immigrant Integration at School

In our March webinar, presenters from Alle Kids sind VIPs (Germany) and Eres joven, ¡triunfarás! (Spain) shared tips on how to create a successful school-based program that can empower immigrant youth, educators, and "celebrity" ambassadors to raise awareness about cultural diversity. Here are some tips:

  • Engage teachers
  • Invite the "unusual actor" in integration as ambassadors
  • Replication of an existing program comes in many forms

>> Watch the webinar video and find online resources for All Kids are VIPs: Immigrant Integration at School


Featured Video: Peel Region Ideas on the Move: Peel Children's Aid and Diversity onBoard

When we highlight a new practice as a Good Idea, we like to identify whether it has been replicated. Has it travelled to a new city? What needs to take place for this to happen? 

For Toronto's DiverseCity onBoard, the process of replication is under way, particularly after its work was recognized by the UN Alliance of Civilizations' Intercultural Innovation Awards in December 2011. 

We'll check in periodically to record their process as part of an ongoing series. We start off with Peel Children's Aid, an organization that has successfully worked with DiverseCity onBoard. When Peel Children's Aid began to explore how to introduce diversity into their organization, they made an important realization: that the very services they delivered were seen as oppressive by some members of the community they serve.

>> Watch the video and learn more about DiverseCity onBoard


Good Ideas in the News

The Riot Roundtables: Race and the Riots of August 2011. After the UK riots, Runnymede Trust decided to investigate if race played a role in the riots by visiting cities such as Birmingham, Bradford, Coventry, Croydon, and Lewisham. The analysis? Racial inequality rather than racial tensions lay behind the disturbances. More  

Working on Integration at a Local Level Toolkit. The European Network Against Racism (ENAR)'s new toolkit is for organisations working with migrant communities to support their integration, primarily at local and regional levels. More

McKinsey Quarterly: Is There a Payoff from Top-Team Diversity? Between 2008 and 2010, companies with more diverse top teams were also top financial performers. More 

Rapid Growth in Singapore's Immigrant Population Brings Policy Challenges. MPI's latest country report via the Migration Information Source. More  

Talent Is Ready: Promising Practices for Helping Immigrant Professionals Establish Their American Careers. The Imprint toolkit provides a snapshot of the current state of skilled immigrant workforce integration in the US and opportunities for action. More

UN-HABITAT and IOM Sign Agreement to Enhance Closer Cooperation on Human Settlement and Migration. More

2012 National Immigrant Integration Conference (NIIC 2012), September 22-25, 2012, Baltimore, Maryland. Registration is open for the signature event of the National Partnership for New Americans now in its fifth year. More

Vertical Poverty Revisited: Immigrants in Toronto’s High-Rise Housing. A new report builds on data from the United Way of Greater Toronto’s Vertical Poverty report and examines the experience of immigrants in the private high-rise stock in Toronto’s inner suburbs. More


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Upcoming Webinar

Barcelona Anti-Rumours

Welcoming Cities: Municipal Leadership on Immigrant Integration

May 30, 2012

Learn about the power of city-led public service campaigns in Barcelona (Spain) and Sheffield (UK) that create safe, welcoming communities while challenging myths and changing misconceptions about immigrants and refugees.

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Putting Quality into Multi-Ethnic Schools (QUIMS)

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Zurich, Switzerland

A program for quality assurance in multi-ethnic schools builds academic success and cohesive communities.

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