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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

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In this issue:
Stephen Fotopulos: Making Nashville a City for All of Us
Don Flynn: New Ideas for Winning the Migration Debate in Europe
Beyond Pizza and Kebab Entrepreneurship: Immigrants as Job Creators
Ratna Omidvar: Putting Our Immigrant Roots on Display
Willkommen in Berlin
Auckland's Export Education Sector Puts International Students on the Map
Toronto: Naan in the Park: Re-imagining Public Space
Good Ideas in the News

Stephen Fotopulos: Making Nashville a City for All of Us

Nashville downtown

Strong communities, like relationships, are built on good communication. The measure of success will be the degree to which everyone is engaged in the conversation.

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photo: Don Flynn Don Flynn: New Ideas for Winning the Migration Debate in Europe

The Swiss referendum vote on migration represents a real challenge to groups supporting the rights of migrants. But it is also an opportunity to learn more about the role mobility and open borders play in our modern society.

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Binu George Beyond Pizza and Kebab Entrepreneurship: Immigrants as Job Creators

Most immigrants are risk takers, ready to explore the unknown. Their entrepreneurial spirit has always played a key role in global trade and the economic success of host countries. Immigrant-led innovation and small business incubation have governments around the world sitting up and paying attention.

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display in Union Station Ratna Omidvar: Putting Our Immigrant Roots on Display

Maytree’s president shares her Big Idea of the Year to transform Toronto’s Union Station into a dynamic public space that celebrates the stories and memories of the immigrants who arrived here over the last century from around the globe.

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2014 Cities of Migration conference Willkommen in Berlin

Join us in Berlin, June 4 - 6, 2014, for the 2nd International Cities of Migration Conference and explore the practical realities and opportunities created by today's hyper-diverse cities. Our Urban Lab sessions, for instance, offer participants an in-depth discussion led by outstanding international experts and practitioners on some very special topics:

  • Politics: Participation in the Urban Polis
  • Economy: Access to Employment
  • Replication: DiverseCity on Board
  • Culture: Breaking Through the Fourth Wall
  • Policy: Putting Local in Focus

Migration, diversity, inclusion:
An agenda for shared prosperity


Auckland Night market photo Auckland's Export Education Sector Puts International Students on the Map

International students play a pivotal role in enriching the intellectual environment of their universities and exposing local students to the world. They are also New Zealand’s fifth largest export industry.

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In the park Toronto: Naan in the Park: Re-imagining Public Space

From opening up economic opportunities with a weekly bazaar to reclaiming public space and constantly re-imagining what their urban Thorncliffe neighbourhood can and should be, a determined group of women facilitates community participation in every sense of the word.

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Good Ideas in the News

What matters to young immigrants: Yo Cuento: Latin American Immigrant Children Tell Their Stories, a qualitative study recently presented at a CERIS seminar on Immigrant Children and Families, shows a mismatch between what researchers commonly study and what children see as their priorities. More 

Open Generation (UK) launches a photo competition: Open Generation (an MRN platform for young voters with a say on migration), in association with Autograph ABP, Counterpoints Arts, Documentary Photography Review and Huffington Post, has opened a photo competition on the theme of free movement. More 

New Migration Policy Group report: Research makes recommendations about the principles of non-discrimination and equality in the programming and implementation of structural funds with a particular focus on the Roma, Europe’s largest ethnic minority community. More 

Curbing the Influence of "Bad Actors" in International Migration: New report by Demetrios G. Papademetriou of the Migration Policy Institute's Transatlantic Council outlines a strategic approach to curbing the powerful market for illegal entry and employment that exists on both sides of the Atlantic, particularly the role of the various "bad actors" - including traffickers, middlemen, unscrupulous employers, and often-unwitting consumers. More 

Three Lessons from Switzerland's Immigration Referendum: News analysis from the German Marshall Fund on the issues at stake: free movement of goods, capital, services, and, most importantly, people — the EU’s “Four Freedoms.” More 

Bilbao Urban Innovation and Leadership Dialogues, June 11-14: The German Marshall Fund’s first convention focusing exclusively on urban policy and leadership issues. More 

Inclusion, Innovation and Integrative Design: This report aims to provide community leaders with a stronger understanding of the current state of Pittsburgh's creative industries. It says that the region could become a magnet for the creative class if stakeholders make diversity and inclusion a priority. More 

Race Relations Day in New Zealand: March 21 marks the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. The 2014 theme is I am Aotearoa New Zealand … te ranga tahi, together we grow. More


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March 25, 2014

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