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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

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In this issue:
Welcome to Berlin
Toronto: Empowering Youth to Empower Parents
Milan: Little stories of migration that travel
Safe space for dialogue between indigenous people and newcomers
Edward Mortimer: Is Diversity a Threat to Freedom?
Raising the Curtain on New Audiences in the Arts
Don't Ask, Don't Tell: Hamilton is Canada's newest Sanctuary City
Conference Café: Beyond Welcoming
Good Ideas in the News

Welcome to Berlin

Tune in to the live stream on June 5 

LIVE STREAM events - Join US!

We look forward to seeing you in Berlin for the 2nd international Cities of Migration Conference between June 4 and 6, 2014. The three-day conference will bring together international city and community leaders, experts, practitioners, advocates and policy-makers for a dynamic exchange of ideas.

If you are not able to be at the conference, we will be live-streaming two sessions on June 5.


Student helping parent on computer Toronto: Empowering Youth to Empower Parents

Inspired by their own experience as the children of immigrants, Agazi Afewerki and Mohammed Shafique run an innovative community-based learning program that puts youth at the front of the classroom. The award-winning Youth Empowering Parents (YEP) project connects immigrant adults with youth speaking their own native language to learn computer skills and English.

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Milan transit Milan: Little stories of migration that travel

Luoghi Comuni, or “little migrating stories,” are written by first and second generation migrants of all ages and printed on billboards across public transport spaces both in Italian and in the original language. This projection of identities beyond stereotypes transforms a distracted, rushed moment into a shared human journey.

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New Zealand carved pole Safe space for dialogue between indigenous people and newcomers

In Canada and New Zealand immigrant integration means connecting newcomers to the indigenous cultures of the host community. Best practices from Vancouver and Wellington help us understand how meaningful cultural exchange is an essential component for welcoming communities and newcomer settlement.

Join the discussion


Edward Mortimer Edward Mortimer: Is Diversity a Threat to Freedom?

Diversity is both a condition and a result of freedom. Without it, there would be no alternatives for people to choose freely between; and since in practice people make different choices, their freedom produces a diversity of outcomes, says the Oxford don in this article.

Read the opinion


Theatre troupe members Raising the Curtain on New Audiences in the Arts

How to attract new audiences in increasingly diverse societies is one of the biggest problems facing the performing arts. But a Richmond, B.C., theatre director has some new ideas on growing audiences and building bridges between communities. Two other examples from Down Under, in Auckland, New Zealand, and Sydney, Australia, also stand out.

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Hamilton Don't Ask, Don't Tell: Hamilton is Canada's newest Sanctuary City

Hamilton, Canada’s aging "Steeltown," has followed Toronto’s example and joined dozens of other cities in the United States and Europe that have formalized their  commitment to ensure access to essential services to immigrants without full status or full documents. Councillor Sam Merulla and Maria Antelo, a community development worker, tell here what prompted the action.

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Coffee and the Brandenburg Gate Conference Café: Beyond Welcoming

What does “beyond welcoming” mean to you? Settlement services and employment help ease the path towards inclusion, but how do 21st century cities prepare for and embrace their diversity, including shifting traditional notions of identity and belonging? Expect to hear new ideas and strategies for moving beyond welcoming at our Cities of Migration conference and on why harnessing diversity adds to the strengths of organizations.

Drop in at our Conference Café


Good Ideas in the News

The Global Forum on Migration and Development: Perspectives from Asia and the Pacific: This brief explores the Asia-Pacific region's active engagement in the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) for the past seven years, and identifies the challenges and opportunities ahead in keeping this engagement alive. More

Europe, Free Movement and the UK -- Charting a New Course: In this new report, the U.K.'s Institute for Public Policy Research, is clear in saying that free movement within the European Union brings great benefits to all of its member states, including the U.K. More

Cities Alliance applications: Cities Alliance are now accepting applications for its Catalytic Fund (CATF) "Know Your City: Information for Transformation." More


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Debate still shot

The Big Debate: Beautiful Game? Or Racist Quagmire?

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