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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

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In this issue:
Khalid Koser: Cities and the Case for Migration
An Agenda for Shared Prosperity
Municipal IDs as a Tool of Inclusion
E2C: School of Second Chance
Migrants Give Auckland an Edge over Other Cities: Heather Shotter
Playing Together: New Citizens, Sports and Belonging
Roger Casale: No One Should Be Afraid to Say Where They Are from
Mayors Seek more Power to Manage Migration
#MigrationMeans drive seeks global discourse
Good Ideas in the News

Khalid Koser: Cities and the Case for Migration

photo: Khalid Khoser

In his keynote speech at the 2014 Cities of Migration Conference in Berlin, the Deputy Director and Academic Dean, Geneva Centre for Security Policy outlines immigration policy areas where cities can broker a new narrative for the migration debate: “While states are building walls, cities are building bridges,” says Khalid Koser. “If cities in all their complexity can realize the potential of migration, then states, and the international community don’t have far to look for the success stories and best practices that can help generate a new approach.”

Read and watch speech


Audience at conference An Agenda for Shared Prosperity

The 2014 Cities of Migration Conference in Berlin welcomed participants from over 120 cities in 35 countries in June for three days full of debate, exchange of ideas and conversations on issues ranging from sport in the fight against racism to city-building strategies for inclusion. We talked about harbour cities, rust-belt cities, welcoming cities, and suburban cities.

Those of you who couldn't be with us in Berlin can still join the conversation by watching or listening in to most of the sessions online.

Watch or listen


group surrounding mayor Municipal IDs as a Tool of Inclusion

A step to regularize the lives of the undocumented is a compelling Good Idea that has travelled far and wide. With its origins in the "sanctuary city" movement, New York is the latest U.S. city to adopt such a measure in the wake of others such as New Haven, Conn., Los Angeles, San Francisco and Oakland, Calif.

The story so far


Young Adult students E2C: School of Second Chance

Ecole de la 2ème chance (school of second chance, or E2C) of Marseille helps professional and social integration of young school dropouts through education and training. Success is measured as employment, professional qualification or diploma, or skills training/apprenticeship with an employer.

Read the Good Idea


photo: Heather Shotter Migrants Give Auckland an Edge over Other Cities: Heather Shotter

Heather Shotter, Executive Director, Committee for Auckland, describes migrants as drivers of the local economy, and challenges local leaders to work collaboratively towards a more entrepreneurial and innovative culture for Auckland’s future prosperity.

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photo: Subban Playing Together: New Citizens, Sports and Belonging

Whatever your background or team loyalties, sport has an almost magical ability to bring people together. Now, a new study from the Institute for Canadian Citizenship underlines the important role sports can play in effective integration – especially when structural barriers to participation are removed.

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photo: Roger Casale Roger Casale: No One Should Be Afraid to Say Where They Are from

The Chair of New Europeans, an association which promotes the rights of EU citizens including the right to freedom of movement, wants Britons to reflect on what their negative attitudes and behaviours towards migrants say about them as a nation. In this opinion piece from MRN’s Migration Pulse, Roger Casale reminds us that migrants hold a mirror up to the host nation.

Read the opinion


Mayors' Panel Mayors Seek more Power to Manage Migration

At the first Mayoral Forum on Mobility, Migration and Development in Barcelona, mayors were unanimous in seeking a greater role for local authorities in managing migration and creating social cohesion through investments in a shared sense of belonging and local citizenship.

Read report


Migration means campaign #MigrationMeans drive seeks global discourse

A new social media campaign by the International Organization for Migration hopes to dispel suspicion about migration and encourage positive dialogue. The campaign got underway in June will run for six months, culminating on December 18, International Migrants Day.

Join the campaign


Good Ideas in the News

Discover Doug Saunders' Arrival City: Kicking off in September, Cities of Migration and the Centre for City Ecology are hosting an online reading of Doug Saunders’ Arrival City: The Final Migration and Our Next World which will bring together people from all over the world to talk about how cities are shaped by the constantly changing patterns of migration, settlement and everyday life and how this impacts the 21st century world as we know it. For ten weeks we will have lively discussions, participatory activities, and engaging material as we discover Arrival City. More

Video preview: Doug Saunders' plenary session, Cities of Migration 2014 conference

DiverseCity onBoard Deepens its Global presence
Maytree’s award winning DiverseCity onBoard program continues to make an impact on the global scene. Building on the momentum generated by the first DiverseCity onBoard Learning Exchange convened in Toronto to address growing interest in adapting this idea to diversify leadership, a second such exchange co-hosted by Citizens for Europe, Bertelsmann Stiftung and Maytree was held in Berlin, Germany in June. More

The 100 Resilient Cities Challenge: The Rockefeller Foundation contest seeks to find 100 cities that are ready to build resilience to the social, economic, and physical challenges they face, like Christchurch did in 2011. The New Zealand city was quick to help newcomer and culturally diverse communities in the aftermath of the February 2011 earthquake owing to the quality of their community outreach prior to the crisis. The deadline to apply for the latest round is September 10, 2014. More

Creating Shared Prosperity: Cities that Lead, succeed: Case study shares how Canadian municipalities can build a prosperity agenda using input and examples from a network of municipalities across the country striving to improve quality of life. More

Human Migration: Myths, Hysteria and Facts: A lecture by Prof. Hein de Haas (Maastricht University, YouTube) in which he debunks many of the common beliefs regarding migration. More

Is What We Hear about Migration Really True? New book sets out to question common views about the effects of immigration through a detailed scrutiny of eight stereotypical beliefs about immigration. Published by European University Institute, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, Migration Policy Centre. More

"Who is Dayani Cristal?" - Film Release Tackles Subject of Migrant Workers: Migrants Rights Network & Pulse Films announce the release of a new film by Gael García Bernal and Marc Silver in which Bernal follows the migrant trail from Honduras to the United States. More

Moving Up or Standing Still? This new Migration Policy Institute report on access to middle-skilled work for newly arrived migrants in the European Union synthesizes the findings of the first phase of a research project conducted in collaboration with the International Labour Office. More

Migration Policy Institute's Transatlantic Council Statement: While cities and regions experience the effects of immigration firsthand, they are typically at arm’s length, at best, from the policy reins that enable and shape these movements. MPI Co-Founder and Transatlantic Council on Migration Convenor Demetrios G. Papademetriou writes in Migration’s Local Dividends: How Cities and Regions Can Make the Most of Immigration that immigration policies need to be re-calibrated to meet regional and local needs. More

National Welcoming Week in the United States: During the week of September 13-21, 2014, Welcoming America and its partners across the country will host a nationwide event that will bring together immigrants and U.S.-born community members through service projects and other activities. More


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Good Idea

Christchurch, New Zealand

Community First: Christchurch’s Emergency Response
Cultural outreach and community engagement helps New Zealand Police and social services be prepared to help newcomers during crisis.

Read the Good Idea


Upcoming Webinar

From the Boardroom to the Decision Table: Training Diverse Leadership

September 2014

Join our online discussion about what it takes to change the faces of civic and political leadership and connect public institutions to the talent they need for competitive growth.

Date to be confirmed. For more information, contact citiesofmigration@maytree.com


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